Viral Marketing: Tips for Tapping Vine’s Potential


For marketers wishing to reach people at a rapid pace and on a large scale, Vine is an invaluable tool. In terms of creating viral content, 6-second video clips cater to the needs of a fast paced online community. Adweek reflected on Vine’s simplistic popularity as it noted the way in which Twitter Vines get shared 4x more than other types of online videos.

From a marketing perspective, Vine can serve as an advertising tool with further reach and more popularity than that of YouTube or other popular mediums. In order to introduce Vine to your marketing strategy, here is a list of helpful tips for using Vine to make your brand go viral:

Display Products and Services

Vine offers a creative platform for companies to advertise their various products and services. If you run an ice cream shop, a quick clip of your flavor collection would be colorful and enticing. Clothing stores can create montages of people showing off their newest items. If you’re trying to advertise your abundance of Maryland storage, make a Vine showcasing the units and space.

Vine has endless possibilities in terms of the angles, settings and props that you can use to display your business’ profitable items. Utilize it to show people the value that they can find in your products and do so in a way that is creative and visually appealing.

Tell a Story

Brands all over the world are picking up on Vine’s storytelling capabilities. To join the movement, you can utilize Vine to tell people about your company, its background and the way that it works.

Using Vine to tell your company’s story is a way to help potential customers relate to your business and understand your brand. Whether it’s a 6 second tour of your facility, a quick look at some staff in action or a montage of happy customers, Vine can do wonders for developing your company’s image.


Creating great content is one thing, but getting people to actually discover it is another. Just like with any other content platform, gaining exposure for your Vines requires proper timing.

Adweek’s research revealed that more Vines are tweeted on weekends than all of the other days of the week put together. In particular, Vines gain the most exposure when tweeted between 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. EST. Being aware of these periods of peak exposure is very important for getting people to discover your content.

Show Value

As with any other social media platform, people look for value in the content that they see. In order to provide value with Vine, your clips must offer something to people. Humor, knowledge and entertainment are all examples of content categories that people find valuable. Giving people something that they can take away from your Vine will leave them wondering what you can offer them without a 6 second time constraint.

Written by Shane Jones

Shane is a creative marketer who currently works at WebpageFX.  He developed a passion for Guerilla Marketing a long time ago, when he discovered CGM, and since then has not stopped following the best efforts of the biggest brands.  You can follow his own creative efforts on his bucket list blog, as well as talk with him on twitter, @ShaneJones15.  Find Shane Jones on Google+


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