A Young Valet Gets An Unexpected Surpise

Volvo Trucks have kept us on our toes in the last year with their innovative and interesting video campaigns that have covered everything from Jean-Claude Van Damme doing the splits between two trucks, to a hamster driving a truck out of a quarry, and just about everything in between. In each of the videos Volvo Trucks have brought one aspect of the truck’s construction into focus, like the precision steering or smooth handling. In this case, Volvo Trucks and creative agency Forsman & Bodenfors have tried something a little different, in a new campaign they’re calling The Casino.

It all started with a job ad, looking for someone to park flash sports cars during a gala evening. Adani was at the interview along with thirty others. “I got asked what I would do if Angelina Jolie stepped out of one of the cars. I said that I would take her number and give her mine. Everybody laughed. A few days later I got a call and got the job,” says Adani.

Pranking The Valet

The Casino campaign is essentially an elaborate prank played on an unsuspecting trainee valet currently working his first shift at a casino in the Italian Riviera. When he arrives for work and gets suited up he is presented with a steady stream of sports cars, all containing the casino’s ritzy guests. Duly, the new valet greets the guests and takes the keys for parking. Then, an enormous Volvo Truck pulls up, and the aim of the prank is realized in the expression on the valet’s face.

“It has been a very funny week. The first time I saw the movie I laughed so much. Everything was so real, my face and my reactions are all real. I feel a bit like a star,” says Ambrogio.

The Sports Car Claim

The aim of The Casino is for Volvo Trucks to debut their new, world-first, gearbox model called the I-Shift Dual Clutch. The gearbox features technology that is similar to what you might find in a sports car, and Volvo Trucks are the first company to develop the gearbox to perform in heavy vehicles. In general, this might not be considered an innovation that demands a potentially viral video, but neither have many of Volvo Trucks other video concepts, and their success has been obvious and continuing.

Visually, this campaign works very well to draw attention to that specific aspect of the truck. The sports cars that arrive before the truck means that the audience is ready for the comparison, and the video’s closing lines – Under the hood it’s a sports car – draw the entire video together.

Unexpected Humor

Volvo Trucks have made a habit in their videos of looking for the unexpected focus as a way to draw humor out of situations. In their past videos, they’ve tried to really think outside of the box to look at how their campaigns can showcase the innovations in their line. The Casino is no different. The concept that Volvo Trucks staged the entire evening just as a prank on the valet is something that is guaranteed to make the audience laugh, especially when he sees the truck and reacts in a totally unscripted fashion. If you haven’t watched the video twice, just jump back to about the 1:00 mark, which is when the truck pulls up. The series of expressions that the valet makes between 1:00 and 1:05 make this entire campaign as he vainly tries to figure out what is going on.

The unexpected situation, with the unexpected humor captures the viewer’s attention and makes a solid impression, regardless of whether they care about Volvo Trucks or not.


Client: Volvo Trucks
Creative Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors
Director: Henry Alex Rubin
Art Director: Anders Eklind and Sophia Lindholm
Copywriter: Martin Ringqvist, Björn Engström
Post Production: Absolute Post, London
Executive Producers: Chris Barett and Fergus Brown
Music: “Tighten Up”, Al Escobar and His Orchestra Courtesy of Fania Records
D.O.P: Matthew Woolf
Editor: Spencer Ferszt, Marshall Street Editors

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