4 Coffee Shops that Ace Marketing 

Coffee shops are a very lucrative business opportunity for those interested in the food and beverage industry. According to the Wall Street Journal, coffee shop revenue in the United States grew to a record $18.54 billion in 2014. Coffee shop success depends greatly on the quality of the product, the design of the shop and the marketing strategies employed by the company. High quality content — outstanding video and photography — is a very important element in a coffee shop’s web design and social media posts. There are other marketing methods that greatly contribute to the growth of a coffee establishment, such as company collaboration, social media marketing, community outreach and events. Here is a list of coffee shops that have exemplary marketing strategies.

Alfred Coffee & Kitchen

Alfred Coffee & Kitchen is a rapidly growing coffee shop, which has five shop locations throughout the Los Angeles metropolitan area. The shop has adopted the adage, “But first, coffee” as its shop’s slogan, which it displays on its merchandise and uses to hashtag caption on its social media. The hashtag, #butfirstcoffee, is tagged on more than 136,000 Instagram posts — many of which are photos of Alfred Coffee’s products and locations. Its marketing prowess is most apparent through the trendy merchandise, which dons a bold letter “A” with antlers. The shop has also collaborated with the up-and-coming retailer, Apolis, to create a personalized market bag. Its merchandise is well-designed, easily recognizable and shared frequently on social media, a wonderful way to market the company.

Elm Coffee Roasters

Elm Coffee Roasters, located in Seattle, is a relatively new shop which has already strongly established itself in the Pacific Northwest coffee community. The shop roasts its own coffee, which is a draw for all coffee connoisseurs who seek out new, artisanal brands. However, Elm’s popularity and overall marketing success can be attributed to its social media. Elm has employed some of Seattle’s best photographers for the creation of media. The photo and video content on its Instagram and its company website are of a high caliber and make a great first impression. Its Instagram has regular posts that vary, every day, from product shots to employee bios. Content quality is the magical ingredient that has resulted in marketing success for Elm Coffee Roasters.

Blue Bottle Coffee

Blue Bottle Coffee is a bi-coastal coffee shop that originated in the Bay Area. Its marketing expertise is apparent through its community interaction, which includes a large amount of coffee education. Blue Bottle has released online brewing guides for all kinds of coffee makers — aeropress, bialetti moka pot, chemex, cold brew, drip, espresso, french press and milk art. The extensive brewing guides allow the company website to serve as a resource for those interested in coffee, which increases its site traffic volume. Its shops also host brewing classes and free public discussions and cuppings of its coffee every week. These classes allow the public the opportunity to interact with one of the company’s brand ambassadors and gain knowledge about Blue Bottle’s process of buying, roasting, making and tasting coffee.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Stumptown Coffee Roasters has excelled in its marketing through collaboration with other popular companies that are relevant to the brand. The high-profile Ace Hotel group, with boutique hotel locations in many major U.S. cities, are partnered with Stumptown. Each Ace Hotel serves Stumptown coffee or has a Stumptown coffee shop attached to the hotel lobby. A collaboration with an establishment that consistently draws new clientele from all over the world, has allowed the Stumptown brand to grow exponentially. Its subscription service allows customers who don’t have access to a Stumptown shop location the ability to receive coffee on a monthly basis. On its website, it offers a free sample to new customers who are interested in an introduction to its coffee. It also offers a $16 per shipment subscription, where your desired roast of whole bean coffee will be roasted and shipped to you every other Monday.

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