Creative Small Business Marketing Ideas by Touchwood Design [PHOTOS]

As guerrilla marketers and designers, we must always find new ways of breaking through the clutter. One great way to do that is to be unique with your marketing strategy. When everyone is passing out flyers for their new business, why not actually pass out a ‘flyer’!

These examples come from Touchwood design, an award-winning graphic design studio located in Orangeville, Ontario.

Moving announcement: Airplane

In keeping with our philosophy and the tie-in to our name “Touchwood” we created  a moving announcement that was a bit old school and guaranteed to be a keeper.  We played with the idea of air mail rather than email and ordered a bunch of plain balsa wood gliders form the same company that made them when we were kids. We designed and wrote copy to silk screen on the actual plane and its plastic packaging.

Creative Packaging DesignCreative Packaging Design


Client Gift: Robot

Each holiday season, we try to present our clients with a thank you that goes beyond an e-card. Something that is both, unique and engaging. A gift that they would actually keep and at the same time keep us top-of-mind.

Creative Packaging DesignCreative Packaging DesignCreative Packaging DesignCreative Packaging DesignCreative Packaging Design BlocksCreative Packaging Design Blocks
Creative Packaging Design Blocks
Creative Packaging Design Blocks
Creative Packaging Design Blocks

While on a recent trip to New York we came across a cool wooden puzzle and it immediately struck a chord. The robot puzzle was designed by Robert Weeks for Areaware and it addressed all our requirements for an interesting gift. We ordered a bunch of them and then designed, silk screened, hand trimmed and folded the boxes. The ‘branding’ exercise didn’t stop there. We proceeded to brand our logo directly onto the wood puzzle with heat branding iron. The process took a month to complete on the side while working on client projects. The piece has been well received thus far, with everyone figuring out how to expand the little guy. Getting him back into his original cube state is another matter entirely.


Client Gift: Tee lights

This was our first Touchwood Design gift and it goes way back. It set the tone for all others promos and gifts to follow.

Creative Packaging Tealite

Creative Packaging Tealite

Creative Packaging Tealite

Creative Packaging Tealite

I had collected a bunch of wood from an old house that was being torn down. The 2×4 beams had a nice aged look to them so I thought of making them into candle holders. We made a bunch and created funny labels with clever anecdotes and sent them off. They were well received and most are still in use today. We had a few leftovers and ended up selling them in a local store. I couldn’t keep up with demand and final called it quits. By that time this style of candle holder had become quite popular.


Promo Cards

Examples of some of my carvings in context.

Creative Flyer Design

Creative Flyer Design

Written by Ryan Lum

Ryan Lum is the founder and editor of Creative Guerrilla Marketing. He is passionate about creative marketing, social media and design. Connect with him on LinkedIn,Twitter or Google+

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