Your Growing Business: Five Tactics to Help Your Small Business Boom

Starting your business was the hard part. Now you just need to light a fire under your sales by reaching the widest, most receptive audience possible. But what if you need a little inspiration to help get things going? Here are a few tips for turning a small business into a booming franchise.


5: Embrace Social Media

You should be everywhere on social media. You should be tweeting, tumbling, liking, linking and pinning every single development or service your business is offering. Facebook enjoys over one billion users all by its lonesome. Can you imagine your exposure if you put just a single ad on every social networking site?


4: Fine-Tune Your Customer Service

No matter how great your business or how life-changing your products, you’re going to hit a wall if customers don’t like your service. Make sure to keep in touch with the people buying your goods or using your services so you always know where they stand. Identify problems and determine solutions; increase resolution rates and feedback times; offer open channels of communication for comments, concerns and suggestions. In short, stay in touch with the ones who fund your salary.


3: Create A Loyalty Program

Everyone loves a deal, and with the right incentives, you can change a great number of casual shoppers into faithful followers. Try starting a small program with easy, attainable goals via rewards points or membership levels. The more time they spend with your business, the more they’ll reap the benefits, buoying them into greater levels of engagement and customer satisfaction. You’ll also enjoy more brand recognition as word of mouth spreads!


2: Offer Convenience

Customers are used to getting exactly what they want exactly when they want it. If you make it difficult or inconvenient for them to do business with you, many simply won’t. When you’re building your website, make sure that it supports all browsers and doesn’t have an overly complicated ordering policy; when you’re designing or expanding new pages, consult professionals for your .net design so you won’t mess it up and drive away potential buyers.


1: Market Everything

In lieu of creating new content or even offering more products, many experts advocate doing more with what you already have. Run more ads, promote more sales, pass around your business card at more parties. You’re competing against every other business in the world for consumer attention, so simply put, it’s impossible to market your business too much. Go wild!


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