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Mad Men: How Careers in Advertising Have Changed

It is remarkable to note how technology is affecting the focus of advertising these days. Within the last five to ten years the marketing behavior of consumers has changed greatly and advertising executives are rushing to keep pace with new technology and improving programs. Here are several ways technology’s influence on consumer behavior is changing the face of advertising.

Businesses Are Mobile Friendly

When the internet was introduced on the scene, businesses began to shift much of their advertising to the world wide web. It became normal not only to advertise basic information like street addresses and phone numbers, but also to prominently display a web address. Every business these days has to have a website. Website design became the chief focus in advertising and better reach of more consumers.
The i-Phone has changed this focus again. Over 50 percent of smartphone users say they use their phone exclusively to access the internet. Businesses have shifted their advertising to make it compatible with use on the iPhone or other smartphones. This has been seen most recently with Google boosting mobile-friendly sites and making them more prominent in searches. Mobile ads are shorter and more to the point than they ever were before, with attention-grabbing videos and visuals.

Businesses Are Interacting with Consumers

Social media has become the darling of today’s consumer, and marketing executives can’t help but notice it. With the entrance of Facebook and Twitter, consumers have a new way of interacting with the businesses they like on a daily basis. Businesses are exploiting this new medium, both to convey information to consumers and to converse with them, asking them about their marketing preferences.
This has provided a wealth of marketing research data. Instead of waiting for the results of extensive marketing surveys, companies now have a practically instantaneous way of finding out how their customers think about their products, and what changes customers would like to see developed.

Widening Of International Advertising

Businesses who have always wanted to have an international can now expand much easier with less expensive ways to widen their markets internationally opened online. Business communication to consumers has had to change to keep pace with international markets as well. Businesses are also communicating with each other at record levels, providing an abundance of direct marketing leads and more expansion across the board.

What This Means for Careers In Advertising

Because advertising is so consumer-oriented, it is absolutely essential those considering a career in advertising have a modern understanding of how technology is being used. Businesses lacking this understanding will be left behind. The best way to stay current with changes in marketing is to take courses in business and perhaps considering a bachelor of arts in business administration.

Technology is moving so fast that today’s technology will be tomorrow’s old news, and advertising executives will have to find ways to adapt. With what we’ve seen so far, marketing is opening a lot more doors.

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