Small Storefront Problems: How to Arrange an Effective Window Display

Conventional wisdom says you only get one chance to make a first impression. Like so many marketing decisions, how you arrange the products in your window display is vital to your ability to not only attract customers, but to get them to make a purchasing decision as quickly as possible. How do the experts accomplish this?

Think Commercial

The best commercials, whether they are on television, in print, or in a podcast, tell a story. Getting someone engaged in what your business has to offer is completely dependent on your ability to tell them a story they are interested in. How might you arrange your window displays if you are trying to communicate something other than the product itself? This is worth considering, because when you look at your products in this way, creative ideas will surface.

Think Emotion

As a storyteller, your job is to make an emotional connection with your audience. The best way to visualize how to do this is to imagine a window display themed for a particular holiday like Valentine’s Day or Christmas. How might you arrange your products if you want to convey the emotions behind one of those holidays? What comes to mind when you think of either of those holidays? That’s what you want to communicate if you can.

Lighting is Crucial

Window displays should not only be brightly lit, but should also be dramatically lit if possible. Dramatic lighting involves the combination of shadow and light in shapes that draw the eye towards what you are trying to emphasize. Having enough light is also important. Think like a photographer. You know how you react to dingy, dim or hard to make out pictures. Your customers will react the same way to a poorly lit storefront. You also want to make sure your windows are top notch. Finding a good windows and doors supplier like RWC Windows, Doors & More is a good first step. They will provide you with advice on how to improve visibility and new reasons to get new doors for your business.

Eye Level

When was the last time you closely examined the ceiling in your office? That’s about how often your customers will exceed eye level when browsing your storefront. You want to make absolutely sure you know where eye level is for adults, and again for children, and put your best offerings at those levels in your storefront.

A dazzling storefront display is its own reward, because people will start there and end up in your store looking for the rest of the story. Make sure your first chapter is a good one.


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