Tips from Leading Seo Experts – White Hat Vs. Black Hat Points of View

People that are good at SEO know what works and make a lot of money from the practice through affiliate marketing, advertising and commercial sales. There are many in the community that talk the talk, but cannot walk the walk when it comes to producing sites that earn them income as a result of their SEO activity. SEO experts Online Marketing Gurus have provided a roundup of successful SEOs whose practices earn them hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in revenue and income annually.

1) Rand Fishkin

White hat SEO expert
Primary technique – Tool development.

Rand Fishkin is one of the founders of Moz (formerly SEOMoz). His site’s success grew off the back of developing valuable tools in the SEO industry. Tools such as Mozbar and Followerwonk has allowed the site to earn natural links, web traffic and SEO rankings. The site primarily earns its revenue through its tool subscription services.

2) Brian Dean

White hat SEO expert
Primary technique – Skyscraper method

Brian Dean has gained fame in the SEO community for his link building success through content marketing. Essentially, he finds the most ‘linkable’ content in a niche and creates something that is exceptional. Once the content is developed, he will find the website sources that link to the content piece and asks them if they would also consider linking to the content. This has earned Brian and many of his followers stellar SEO rankings, web traffic and web income.

3) Matthew Woodward

White hat SEO expert
Primary technique – Content marketing

Matt Woodward is an interesting SEO specialist to follow. One of his most interesting case studies is how his site managed to rank for the keyword ‘Buy SEO’ without engaging in any specific link building activities. Instead, Matthew and his writers focus on providing outstanding content to his loyal audience. These include:

  • Income reports
  • Guides
  • Case studies
  • Roundups

His content is extremely valuable and he earns much traffic and praise, as well as income.

4) Jay Wessman (LazyAssStoner)

White hat SEO specialist
Primary technique – Content markup and social media.

Jay doesn’t come across as your typical SEO expert, but his facts and practices stand true. Jay looks for non-competitive niches and rehashes content that has gone viral in the past with targeted keywords marked-up in the HTML. Once he has created the content, he sets up niche-specific social media accounts and then adds people that are interested in the topic. He aims to build a community of up to 5000 people. Once that has been done, he shares the content on those platforms and starts to receive social media links that also create the opportunity for website links on other sites.

The result is that the content starts to rank fairly quickly and he monetises the site through advertising and affiliate networks.

5) Alex Becker

Black hat SEO expert
Primary technique – Private blog network

The technique that Alex uses is against Google’s terms of service, but it is a method that does work and earns him hundreds of thousands in revenue each month. Alex primarily acquires domains that are expired and rebuilds the site to link to web properties that will allow his sites to dominate a niche market. The challenge is finding those expired domains that have authority. Once those domains are found and purchased, the content can be developed on the site and links from the site’s most authoritative pages can be pointed towards the target website that will be the ‘money site’.

This technique is one that is under the radar with Google’s algorithm. However, it is a technique that many black hat SEOs adopt and it works well until the site is outed or receives a penalty. Interestingly, some of the linking practices that are adopted are similar to white hat SEO practices.

The techniques from these experts are proven to work in different niches with different rates of success. White hat SEO practices are encouraged to rank sites for money keywords over the long-term.


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