Top 20 Awesome Tips to Skyrocket Your Offline Marketing

Capitalizing on online marketing has been the trend nowadays, but who says offline marketing is dead? To be effective, you should think of more creative ways to get the buy-in of customers and drive prospects’ interest to engage with your company. In this article, we will be tackling 20 awesome tips to skyrocket your offline marketing.

1. Supply brochures and pamphlets.

People will always appreciate reading any useful content or hard copy materials as their attention become more focused without distractions of other tabs or sites opened when they are online. Giving out brochures and pamphlets is counted as a traditional way of letting people know what you offer and present an overview of your brand.

2. Spread reviews and testimonials.

Customers tend to trust their friends and families for products or services they are subscribed to. In purchasing any product, people seek for existing reviews and testimonials. Encouraging your customers to help you with word of mouth marketing will go a long way.

3. Circulate flyers.

Aside from brochures, flyers which are distributed in public streets especially to a community that you target will win attention. Instead of just standing there, dressing up as a mascot and dancing to a groovy tune while giving out flyers will make a good difference and remarkable impression.

4. Print out moving ads.

We live in an era where everything is fast and mobile. You can contact taxicab companies and bus companies to ask permission to post your advertisement on the vehicle’s surface for a specified time period. In this way, you can have several mobile people learn about your company and offerings.

5. Publish a press release.

Making press releases short but meaningful demonstrates a lot of potential for offline marketing. Send the well-written press release for a new product to the local newspapers and magazine companies. Make sure to choose those publications whose readers and reach are within your target.

6. Have your name exposed in targeted communities.

You can start marketing your brand to a community or a school. Putting up billboards of your products and giving out sponsorship to a school community can do volumes in making your brand known.

7. Sponsor for contest giveaways.

Whether it’s a company raffle, a community beauty pageant, or a contest in a non-profit organization, you can take advantage of these opportunities to offer giveaways or prizes for the winners. In exchange, ask them to announce your company name and mention about promotions in the business.

8. Offer discounts.

Discounts and slashed-off prices are always a huge hit for customers. Anything that is marked “On Sale” makes people’s eyes wider. On top of discounts, you can additionally offer membership deals to inspire and urge first-time customers to come back another time.

9. Participate in trade shows.

Trade shows, like seminars, are good places where you can expand your business network and meet like-minded people. Get to know enthusiasts of your product line and get their contact information to stay in touch even after the event.

10. Hand out business cards.

Dropping badass business cards will make your name stand out. Whether you are attending a business gathering, training, or a workshop, business cards with eye-catching and bold designs can fulfill their purpose as a good offline marketing tool.

11. Deliver newsletters.

Distributing newsletters to your neighbors or to your customers’ addresses regularly is an ideal way of reminding them about your business. In effect, they will find out more information about the latest news and updates of your offerings.

12. Send greetingcards.

When customers receive a holiday card from a company they follow, they will acknowledged and known. So whenever there’s an important date coming up such as their birthday, a milestone, or a holiday, do not forget to send a greeting card with your brand and their name on it.

13. Give away calendars.

People love posting and collecting calendars and journals especially at the start of the year. Take this chance to make your brand be on top of their mind by printing out branded calendars with a different product feature per month.

14. Throw out parties.

Throwing out parties for your most loyal customers, subscribers, or loyal fans is a great way to make them feel special. You can utilize this time to market to more people by telling them that they can invite up to five more friends or family members to come with them. Let everyone preview what your business is all about with an outstanding event introduction and audio-visual presentation of your latest innovations.

15. Donate bookmarks.

Libraries and schools will thank you for donating bookmarks to their establishment. Many people find bookmarks helpful in their reading. Printing good quality bookmarks with your brand and contact info is a great marketing move without being a hard sell.

16. Volunteer as an event speaker.

Build your integrity and credibility then look for events where you can present as a valuable speaker. Get in contact with professional event organizers and ask them for a good schedule. Be prepared with an educational topic that will make the audience want to learn more about your company.

17. Send direct mail.

People nowadays are used to receiving emails, but it will not hurt for them to receive direct mails once in a while. Sending direct mails to prospects is an inexpensive and friendly way to grow curiosity and generate leads.

18. Use radio advertising.

A good spiel on the radio such as a hit song with lyrics that are easier to remember will be a hit. While listening on the radio, wherever they are, people can relate and response to your message easily.

19. Use TV advertising.

TV advertisements are powerful. Like in radio advertising, airing a commanding image and voice of the brand will certainly make the audiences hooked.

20. Walk around the neighborhood.

Door-to-door advertising can be tiring but it can be worth your time and effort. Especially for people who just stay at home all day, having someone they can talk to in the flesh will be much appreciated. Find topics you can use to get their attention, learn their needs, and address them with your offered solutions.


Marketing whether done online or offline does a lot of boost in terms of promoting sales for the business. By practicing and testing these offline tactics, you can increase your market reach and discover new prospects who can be turned to your most trusty clients.

James is a Business Management graduate and a part-time blogger. His works are often inspired by his relentless research in the field of business. He also works for a flyers printing company in Australia as a designer. When he’s not busy helping small business owners on their start-up, he tends to practice and improve his writing skills on his spare time. You can follow him @JM_Jav21.