TiVo Hilariously Pranks Moviegoers with Annoying Commercials #tivoprank

Advertising breaks may turn out very annoying, especially when they ruin your watching experience. Many consumers try every possible way to avoid them, whether it’s about TV or online commercials. How do you react though when you’re having an advertising break at the least expected moment?

It was just another day at a movie theatre right outside Denver with people watching ‘Spectre’, when right at the movie climax a 2-minute advertising break was inserted. Everyone got confused, angry and annoyed, with one even throwing a bottle, asking for the movie to be continued. Right before they were about to start leaving, TiVo’s team appeared, informing everyone that they just got pranked!

TiVo along with the advertising agency School was looking for a unique way to promote their TiVo BOLT product, which features the idea of skipping any commercial break, and that’s how they decided to prove in action how everyone hates annoying commercial breaks. Thus, they installed 13 hidden cameras at the movie theatre, waiting for the perfect moment to stop the movie and add an unexpected commercial break. People’s reactions were probably the ones they had in mind when they came up with the idea of TiVo BOLT, which served as a perfect promotion for their brand new product.
Right when they apologised for the interruption, informing everyone about TiVo BOLT, the movie continued, while everyone was also invited at a VIP after-party full of drinks and free gifts.

TiVo Pranks MovieGoers by Annoying Commercials

TiVo seems to be aware of the general consensus on how annoying commercial breaks may be, delivering their message in the most appropriate and clever way, creating an ambient campaign that grabbed everyone’s attention through a real-life example of annoying commercial breaks. Internet of course couldn’t ignore this campaign, with #TivoPrank turning into success all over the world, receiving approval from all the consumers who got tired of annoying breaks.

People don’t hate commercials

Switching again to the marketer’s point of view, don’t worry this is not the end of advertising. Consumers don’t hate commercials, they hate interruptions. This led to more creative forms of marketing during the past years, both online and offline, proving that the audience is still receptive to advertising, providing that it adds value or manages to grab their attention. There’s no need to aggressively promote a product to succeed when ambient and even indirect advertising may lead to even better results.

Keep that in mind next time you’re about to think of your next campaign, think outside the box and get ready to impress!


Advertising Agency: School, USA
Chief Creative Officers: Joe Corr
Executive Creative Director: Ryan Craig
Creative Director: Andrew Goldin
Art Director: Kiley Del Valle
Copywriters: Ryan Craig, Max Lenderman, Andrew Goldin
Executive Producer: Angela Barnard
Agency Producer: Gigi Douglas
Account Executive: Sherena Elharmell
Designer: Hailey Badovinac
Production Company: Buck Ross
Director: Ryan Ross
Director of Photography: Jeffrey Garland
Producer: Alex VanNortwick
Assistant Director: Tom Farnsworth
Editor: Lam T. Nguyen
Post Producer: Ryan Ross
Color: Buck Ross
Colorist: Lam T. Nguyen
Sound Design: Coupe Studios
Producer: Eric Singer
Audio Mix: Alex Hawley

Written by Tereza Litsa

Social media and content manager, blogging about social media and marketing.


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