Falling Skies Augmented Reality Experience

If you’re a marketer and you get hundreds of people to act like dorks in the middle of public place where thousands of people can see them, you know you’ve made it.

That is exactly what 5SEIS was able to do as they promote Falling Skies.

Going All Out with Augmented Reality

There have been thousands of Augmented Reality campaigns in the world. As awesome as the technology may be, it is only as awesome as the marketers and advertisers that will conceptualize and execute the campaign.

Falling Skies is a TV series that is hinged on special effects. It bring images of chaos and war in an intergalactic scale. Naturally, any marketing effort that’s less than that will be a categorical failure.

So 5SEIS did exactly what everyone expected. They translated the series’ special effects heavy concept to an on-ground experience through Augmented Reality.

A Virtual War Zone

5SEIS created an war environment and allowed people to be in the middle of it. By positioning themselves in front of a screen, they get to “watch” themselves in the middle of a war complete with robots, cool laser-shooting jets and lots and lots of flying steels and unidentified objects.

The scenes playing on the screen allow people to do whatever they want, interact with the robots and other things happening as much as they want, any way they want.

Awakening the Inner Child

What ensured the success of the campaign is the brilliant execution of the scenes. It allowed people to play around, the only limitation is the participant’s creativity. Some are more creative than others, of course. Kids tend to play more and guys tends to be more “active”. They hop, duck, roll and fight whatever they see on screen.

To those watching, it was a funny, amazing and a little dorky. To the marketers who planned and executed this whole effort, it was priceless.


The campaign used a very basic advertising concept, make the consumers experience the product. It’s just a plus that they were able to capitalize on the technology and tightly infuse it to the campaign.

The other lesson is a little more complicated – allow your market to exercise their creativity. Although traditional tactics like giving away products remains effective, there is some merit to giving your market the space to play around.

Client: TNTLA
Product: Falling Skies season 2
Agency/Production: 5SEIS
Creative Directors: Gabriel Aufgang, Pablo Saquero
Producer: Ariel Serra
Location producer: 70/30 agency
For TNTLA: José Dafunchio, Marketing Manager Cine y Series (Cono Sur); Lucía Huergo, Coordinadora Marketing Cine y Series (Cono Sur); Lucía Romero, Marketing Manager TNTLA

Written by Xath Cruz

Xath Cruz worked for the traditional advertising industry for more than 10 years handling international blue chip clients. She started doing digital advertising and marketing and web property development 4 years ago. She is also a screenplay writer with several full length movies under her belt.


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