What Does Augmented Reality Look Like in 2013?

Smartphones conquering the world, consquently applications entering every part of our life. Among them, Augmented Reality apps are more and more popular since they make everything – really everything – possible with mixing the virtual and the real world.

Personalized license plate on your new car for free, driving a race car in Singapore without speed limits, enjoying the Dakar adventure in a mall’s desert or throwing Christmas ornaments to a huge Christmas tree without breaking them. All of these can be done with Augmented Reality smartphone applications. Here are some great examples by Augmented Reality Agency, ARworks.

Audi Singapore Showroom apps


With the AR application available in South East Asia’s biggest Audi showroom, users can fly around the building of the brand new showroom without boarding an airplane or drive the Audi R18 racecar around Singapore at full speed, without the risk of getting a ticket. Whats more, they can have their personalised, individual license plate.

The results of the R18 race was shared on the web as a rank list and could be posted to the Facebook page of the user.

This app available on iOS and Android demonstrates how Augmented Reality can be used creatively to result in a strong positive personal experience connected to a brand.

Photos and Prints to see the AR content after downloading the app via the Apple App Store link or via theGoogle Play Link.

Dakar race in a shopping mall


In our latest Augmented Reality project, we’ve built a real Dakar desert racecourse in a shopping mall. Visitors, interested in this extraordinary adventure, could drove a Dakar race car, based on the new Opel Mokka, in the exciting South American countryside. The 3 dimensional racecourse and the car appeared virtually in AR, on a huge, 4 m long printed table – which acted as the marker of the AR application. Participants had to race against time and each other – their result was shared on Facebook and the weekly and overall winner received prestigious gifts.

The course consisted of 5 parts – 2 of them  was fully made in 3D in AR – the other 3 was printed on the table, and only small additional obstacles (cactuses, tyres, rocks) were added in AR. At certain parts of the course, there were two alternative routes – with its own advantages – so the drivers, like in the real Dakar race, had to choose. The car acted like a real 4 wheel drive car in a real situation – it could stuck, turn over or jump long distances if it had enough speed.

Christmas Ornament Sling


Deutsche Telekom’s Christmas promotion in a shopping mall used an Android application which was developed for DDB by ARworks. Visitors could throw virtual Christmas ornaments containing their personal message to the huge Christmas tree erected in one of the mall’s atrium.

After writing the message card on the tablet, it was digitally folded and inserted into a virtual ornament. Then this ornament is placed into a virtual augmented reality sling – showing the real camera view and the AR sling with the sphere in it simultaneously. The user can pull it back on the screen of the device, aim and throw it on the huge tree. The ornament peacefully flied to it, cutting through the air.

If he succeeded to hit one of pre-defined real ornament on the tree – it lighted up thanks to the integrated server application.

Facebook sharing of the message was naturally built in the app and every step of  the message preparation and slingshot was supported by the promoters.

In this project, Augmented Reality was used to give an exciting, very attractive and otherwise impossible program to the visitors.

Written by Ryan Lum

Ryan Lum is the founder and editor of Creative Guerrilla Marketing. He is passionate about creative marketing, social media and design. Connect with him on LinkedIn,Twitter or Google+


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