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    Cheap Ways to get Your Small Business Back on Track

    Marketing and running a business doesn’t have to be expensive. There are several economical options for getting your business in front of the public eye and back on track. After all, your money is better spent in developing your products, training your employees, and giving your customers the best service possible. Promotional Business Cards A […] More

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    Technology in Marketing: How to Perfect Your Online Ads

    The cost-effective and versatile nature of online advertising makes it a key component of any successful marketing campaign. Despite the many potential benefits of online marketing, ads that are poorly crafted or that fail to attract the attention of future customers and potential clients may prove to be little more than a costly liability. Learning […] More

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    Small Storefront Problems: How to Arrange an Effective Window Display

    Conventional wisdom says you only get one chance to make a first impression. Like so many marketing decisions, how you arrange the products in your window display is vital to your ability to not only attract customers, but to get them to make a purchasing decision as quickly as possible. How do the experts accomplish […] More

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    Simple Tricks to Streamline Your Marketing Campaign

    Regardless of the size or mission of your business, you need a successful marketing strategy to communicate with your market. Whether you have a for-profit or non-profit organization, success depends on contacting the people who need or want your products and services. In today’s fast-paced world, you don’t have the luxury of trial-and-error, hit-or-miss marketing […] More

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    Working on Wording: Why Your Online Coupons Aren’t Taking Off

    If you have an e-commerce business, generating a buzz to get traffic to your site is key to compete with the thousands of retailers offering similar products. While coupons and other promotional offers might take away from the profits you earn on the sale of a single item, they are two of the most effective […] More

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    Five Offline Marketing Techniques that can Really Pay Off

    Marketing your business online can help you gain the attention of people all around the world, but it’s important not to forget your local community when it comes to building a solid customer base. Even if you are not managing a brick and mortar store locally, offline marketing can really improve your results. Here are […] More

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    Dark and Drank: The Marketing Genius Behind Alcohol Sales

    Marketing campaigns employed by industry giants in the distilled spirits business helped to transform the very nature of advertising in our digital age. Today, alcohol brands engage with consumers across a wide spectrum of new and growing social media platforms. Their goal is to drive user engagement by inducing consumers to communicate their feelings about […] More

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    Mad Men: How Careers in Advertising Have Changed

    It is remarkable to note how technology is affecting the focus of advertising these days. Within the last five to ten years the marketing behavior of consumers has changed greatly and advertising executives are rushing to keep pace with new technology and improving programs. Here are several ways technology’s influence on consumer behavior is changing […] More

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    Five Ways to Promote Your Products Right

    In an ever evolving marketplace, it can be a daunting task to promote your products the right way to reach customers. Gone are the days when people were dependent on heading out to their local retail store for all their various needs. Today’s mobile device packing consumer is far more aware of their purchasing options […] More

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    Consumer Discoveries: The Science Behind Advertising

    Success in advertising is trickier than most businesses believe. The equation of a great product plus a great price, means a sale every time has gone by the wayside. Instead, the field of cognitive psychology, and advertisers with the benefits of having a master of science in applied psychology have inspired us to dig deeper […] More

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