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  • Pandora The Proposal Spain

    Pandora Shows Kind-Hearted Love Through Marketing

    Love is a very important feeling in our lives and we have special days and moments along the way. One of them is proposing to the person we love. In the video above organized by DoubleYou for Danish jewelry giant Pandora, subject of love was very widely discussed. Two women who work in the Pandora […] More

  • Norwegian Airlines Next Stop New York Marketing Campaign

    Norwegian Airlines Gives Olso The Real New York Experience

    In the advertisement above we see Norwegian Airlines trying to turn Oslo into New York. The problem is made clear right away: they need to get people to fly to New York from Norway’s capital, Oslo, and they solve it in great fashion. The ad is filled with different New York things which make The […] More

  • Quaker Breakfast Bot Ad Vending Machine

    Quaker Creates Pop-up Breakfast Bot Giving Away Free Breakfast

    In the video above we see a campaign by the Belgian agency Friendship for Quaker’s breakfast food. It starts off by showing how busy and hectic can our daily life get, using a train station during rush hour as its setting and a metaphor to emphasize how everything goes by very quickly. We see a […] More

  • Swissair - Arbeite über den Wolken, Work Above The Clouds

    SWISS International Airlines Invites You to Work Above the Clouds

    In the video above (created by the coincidentally named agency webguerillas based in Zürich, Switzerland) we see people going about their daily lives, busy with their usual tasks before they see a group carrying signs with clouds on them among other things. That causes their activities to be disrupted, as people get curious over what […] More

  • Milka Tender Messages In Ukraine

    Milka Allows Individuals To Leave Tender Messages

    Milka shares love messages in the streets of Ukraine In our world we are very busy, and very often it gets easy to forget how to do the most simple yet important things like showing our love to the people whom we deeply care about. This doesn’t require much energy of course, but we end […] More

  • Tesco Lotus Express Mug With Doraemon

    Tesco Lotus Express Delivers Delicious Beverages via Balloons and Drones

    Two popular names, one goal Here is an advertisement created by Bangkok’s mlnteraction for Tesco Lotus Express, a grocery store chain in Thailand and a subsidiary of the British Tesco chain. What the eyes see We are greeted with many different people in Thailand doing their daily activities, which vary from sweeping the streets to […] More

  • Pepsi Oomph O Meter At NFL Wembley
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    Pepsi Max Creates Vending Machine Where You Pay with Enthusiam at NFL Wembley

    In this video, we can see that British agency AMV BBDO installed an unusual Pepsi vending machine vending machine geared towards the NFL match held in London’s Wembley Stadium. Instead of paying with coins, cash or credit card, here you pay by showing your enthusiasm as the machine asks you to scream “there is no […] More

  • Fiat Interactive Billboard, Frankfurt, Germany

    Fiat Creates Unique Interactive Billboard That Helps You Park Your Car

    Parking is always very troublesome to everyone, and it becomes an actual daily life head ache. That’s why Fiat decided to help drivers in the streets of a huge German city, Frankfurt. In the video above we see that Fiat installed a specially developed software that works with sensors which tracks where the car is […] More

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