10 of the World’s Biggest Advertisements

Since advertising began there has always been a race to create bigger and bolder adverts. By creating’ The World’s biggest advert’ automatically assists in creating free media coverage around the advert itself and is a sure fire recipe for grabbing attention for the brand or product.

The Earliest recorded image of a giant advert was in 1678 when a farmer created a circular design in a field of oats to protest at his poor wages, insisting he would rather ‘the devil himself’ perform the task. The advert was re-created in a pamphlet called ‘The Mowing Devil’.

Although the Guinness book of records has a certified holder for the ‘worlds biggest billboard’ there are lots of other great examples of creative and interesting pieces throughout the world which claim to be one of the world’s largest. Here are ten of the biggest:

1. Officially,’The World’s largest Advertising Hoarding’ certified by the Guinness Book of World Records

Welcoming travellers into Vienna for the Euro 2008 football championship, spent four months growing the worlds largest advertising hoarding which said, ‘No 1 FOR FOOTBALL AND STILL GROWING’. The advert was grown out of wheat, cotton and marigold plants by farmers on fields which covered the space of fifty football fields!

Source: Partnership Activation and

2. Giant Kentucky Fried Chicken ‘face in space’ seen on Google earth

Although not the first brand to claim it’s advert can be viewed on Google Earth, the KFC logo is certainly one of the most ambitious. The logo was created in the desert by Rachel, Nevada. It took six days to build and was made up of 65,000 tiles which measured 87,500 square feet.


3. The World’s Biggest Shave, Gillette

Created by Street Advertising Services in the UK for the 2011 Wimbledon tournament. SAS painted a picture of Roger Federers face onto a rugby pitch 70m x 50m. The face was created with laser guided robots, 3,000 litres of paint and industrial paint sprayers. Once completed over 1000 litres of shaving foam were added to Federers stubble which was then shaved off with a lawn mower to create ‘the worlds biggest shave’ for Gillette


4. The worlds biggest Coca-Cola logo

Located in Arica in the desert in Northern Chile, Coca-Cola created the world’s largest Coca-Cola logo. It was 50m tall and 120m wide but just for fun it was actually made from 70,000 empty Coke bottles!

Underneath it reads ‘100 anos’ (meaning 100 years) as it was made to celebrate the company’s 100th anniversary


5. Swissair Barley crop advert

Spread over 100,000 Square metres, the Swissair advert was created at Munich Airport out of Spring Barley, which was then mowed and coloured with linseed oil. The advert took four months to grow and prepare



6. Michael Jackson Poster

OK, strictly speaking this is a poster not an advert but the lines of difference are blurred. This Poster was created by Sony Music Entertainment in a field close to Heathrow Airport, London. The poster was made out of signmaking vinyl and spanned over 2,700 square metres. It won the Guinness book of records title for ‘World’s biggest poster’.



7. Dubai Billboard

The largest billboard on the planet is made from biodegradable and recycled materials. The land of records, Dubai, has made another entry into the Guinness Book of World Records, not with another land reclamation project, but with a 1.5 km long advert. The $3.2 million billboard will be unveiled in the Emirate next spring. The advert will be promoted in 40 different countries over a period of 12 months in an effort to reflect the true colors of Dubai. The billboard is the brainchild of Adrac, a global advertising and marketing agency. The most fascinating feature of this mammoth advert is that it has been made with vented biodegradable and recycled PVC. Designed to be 100 percent ecofriendly the billboard has been made using ecofriendly inks, structure, transportation, cleaning and chemicals. The advert breaks down into 450 10m X 2m sections which are to be assembled just like a jigsaw puzzle. Adrac states that it takes a team of four men less than seven hours to assemble the billboard in each country. The sections of the billboard fit into two 40-foot shipping containers, which ensure easy transportation of this billboard. The billboard will be funded by 100 sponsors, including 40 premier sponsors.



8. World’s Largest Building Wrap On Luxor Hotel Promotes ‘TRANSFORMERS’ Movie

Paramount/Dreamworks enlisted SkyTag, the innovators of Tall Wall spectaculars, to produce the world’s largest building wrap to date, covering the entire side of the Luxor Las Vegas hotel to support the nationwide opening of the live-action “TRANSFORMERS: Revenge of the Fallen” movie nationwide. The mammoth pyramid of the Luxor is 500 feet high, and Autobot Optimus Prime measures in at over it 100,000 sq. ft.



9. ‘Coop’s Paint’ Nationwide Insurance

One of the biggest Building side adverts in the world is also one of the funniest.

The advert, created in Columbus, U.S which measure 400 sq metres was created by Nationwide Insurance and advertising a fictitious company called ‘Coop’s paints’. The advert depicted the illusion of spilt paint all over the building and car park and parked cars.

Source:[email protected]/2381868170/


10. The World’s biggest Sign, Nokia


Nokia wanted to put the fun into sharing locations so to create interest in their mobile navigation products they built the World’s largest signpost and hoisted it up fifty metres into the air, next to London Bridge. People who saw the sign could text in their favourite locations and they would be displayed on the electronic signpost and the arrow would turn into the direction of the location.. The Arrow was over two tonnes in weight and was the length of two double decker buses.

Written by Kristian Jeffrey

Kristian Jeffrey is a surfer, climber and runner who also loves creative and exciting advertising. His company Street Advertising Services creates innovative and unique outdoor advertising for brands and agencies.

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