5 Innovative Digital Signage Campaigns to Model Your Own Campaign After

Just because you incorporated digital signage into your store doesn’t mean customers are going to be automatically mesmerized by the content. If your ad features little more than a short message with a background image, don’t expect people to take notice. With digital signage, you have the ability to get as creative as your imagination allows, and the more innovative your ad, the more attention it’s going to draw. Consider the following digital signage campaigns that have really went above and beyond to create a truly innovative customer experience.

1. Kleenex Digital Signage Ad

This display featured a menu that showed various mothers of different ages and ethnicities. Using a touchscreen interface, pedestrians can select one of the mothers, who will then deliver a message promoting the use of Kleenex tissues. The neat thing about this ad is that during the menu selection, the mothers on screen will step forward from their previously frozen position and explain why they should be picked.

2. Ringer Interactive Digital Signage

In a marketing stint to promote the show Ringer, featuring Sarah Michelle Gellar, a giant digital display was shown in which pedestrians saw themselves on the screen along with an identical doppelganger. The screen will then take a picture of you and your twin appearing side-by-side, and a text code will appear that you can enter to receive your photo. The appearance of the twin in your photo promotes the premise of the show, in which Gellar’s character assumes the identity of her presumably dead twin sister.

3. Storm Chasers Interactive Display

To promote Discovery Channel’s hit show Storm Chasers, a display screen showed how the street the pedestrians are standing on would appear in the presence of a powerful storm. Pedestrians watching were even startled at certain points when objects were blown in their direction, causing the screen to crack. People can then stand in front of the screen to have a picture taken of themselves with the storm-ravaged street as the background.

4. Kinect for Windows Clothing Store Ad

Several department stores are experimenting with a new prototype digital display in which customers can see themselves on a screen appearing in different clothing. The cool part is that customers can interact with the screen without even touching it. The system uses new motion technology in which users can select a series of different apparel and accessories to “try on” by selecting the garments using simple pointing and hand gestures. In addition, the system is also voice activated, so users can enter an audible command like “show me skirts” and the screen will show a lineup of skirts.

5. “Love Your Eyes” Interactive Campaign

This ad was produced by the Opticians Council of Canada to promote regular optician visits. At various locations throughout Canada, a digital screen was positioned inside malls and shopping plazas. Pedestrians can step in front of the screen and see a silhouette image of themselves, and through a series of gestures, can interact with several other characters appearing onscreen. Those who participated from beginning to end are awarded with a gift box that includes several goodies, such as eye drops, a frames pouch, lens cleaning kit and a gift certificate redeemable at participating optician clinics.

With digital signage, you are not limited to a static display as you are with a paper poster or banner and it’s also a great way to increase revenue. With that in mind, you should do everything you can to aim for a digital display that treats your customers to a fun and interactive experience. When customers are lining up to take part in an interactive display, then your business will most certainly benefit as a result.

Written by David Kovacs

This post was written by David Kovacs who is a young entrepreneur and a marketing enthusiast from Hungary.

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