5 Online Marketing Tips for 2016

As the cold winter evenings roll in and the string of Christmas parties commence in the office, enthusiasm to meet deadlines and targets tangibly deflates. However, if you are an entrepreneur or working for a budding start-up, there is never any time to be frivolous about the job. In fact, December is the optimum month to burst ahead of your competitors while they are distracted by apple pies and mistletoe.

Here then, are five top online marketing tips to keep in mind as 2016 approaches:

1) Great Content reaps Great Rewards

Despite how often it is proclaimed that rich and relevant content is a surefire way to increase traffic to your site, many company blogs still contain nothing but fodder and fluff. If there is no one in your office who can write eloquent, imaginative and informed posts, then it is worth hiring people who can. The worth of top quality content is not going to change any time soon. In addition to its SEO credentials, quality content will also drive visitors to your site in time. Once you have a reputation for writing entertaining and informative posts, you will not need to rely on click-bait. This is only a good thing as click-bait has had its day and people are seemingly fed up.

2) Facebook Instant Articles

Earlier this year Facebook introduced ‘Instant Articles.’ This new feature allows businesses to publish articles directly onto the Facebook feed, as opposed to posting them natively and sharing the link. Without any extra loading time, users can read the article as well as zoom into pictures and even select the audio version of the article to play (so long as that has also been uploaded.) Essentially this is just a ploy by the social media giant to keep users on their page, but it is still a boon to social media marketers attempting to capture the attention of their followers.

3) Vlogging

We all know the benefits of blogging but what about vlogging? It does not have the SEO impetus of its more static brother, but running a YouTube channel can still drive traffic towards your site, as well as fostering a more intimate relationship between brand and consumer. If you are still a young company and are concerned about the amount of webspace you have, using your social media channels to post videos will allow you to free up room on your website if you have limited webspace. If currently in the process of constructing a site, web hosts like this provider can offer webspace custom-made to your requirements.

4) Power of Pictures

Every tweet is under 140 characters, but this does not mean that the tweet is necessarily snappy and enticing. Experts have been whispering that the most effective tweets clock in at around 71 – 100 characters. However long the tweet, the art of the tuneful tweet is something that should be mastered. In the meantime, those struggling can take comfort in the age-old adage, a picture speaks a thousand words. Incorporate photographs into your tweets, using resources such as Unsplash to help you locate top images without infringing copyright regulations.

5) Pinterest and Instagram

Pinterest and Instagram are often too neglected by social media markets. Despite the fact that their volume of users is far below that boasted by Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, for certain industries these two platforms are more powerful than their big brothers. Companies working in sectors such as fashion, interior design, and travel can thrive on the image-centric nature of these social channels. People can be lazy, and with literally billions of webpages only a few clicks away, the fight to retain attention has never been fiercer. Seductive pictures of your latest summer collection or a beach bungalow in Samoa can entertain followers without requiring any effort on their part.


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