5 Unbeatable Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Companies always want to find new ways to promote their brands and products, but they usually are too afraid to go too far outside the box. What they don’t realize, though, is that there are unconventional ways that they can make use of to promote their businesses without much risk at all.

Not every marketing strategy will work for every company, but there is always something that you can do to bring in new customers. It’s just a matter of knowing what your company’s goals are and then implementing the marketing strategies so that they help you achieve those goals.

The tips below have been proven to work for companies both big and small.

1. Do a Fake Protest

A fake protest is a great way to get attention for your business because it not only makes people aware of you, it also shows them that you have the confidence in your products that other companies don’t. Make sure you and your employees are loud and proud and you will definitely get the attention of anyone within earshot of you.

If you have a flower company, you could have a fake protest against bad lilies and show anyone who comes by exactly what great lilies look and smell like. This will let them sample your products and will often get a lot of people to come through your doors who might have otherwise not even known that you existed.

2. String Some Coupons on Trees

Hanging coupons outside of businesses is a newer marketing technique, but it is something that is sure to get the attention of anyone who walks in front of your doors. People respond when they see something out of the ordinary, and they definitely respond when they see a chance to save money.

A great thing about hanging coupons outside of your business is that you can see for your own eyes which coupons interest people and which ones don’t. This can help you to better market your company both online and through mail.

3. Start a Friendly Fight

With the creation of social networks, businesses are realizing that they have to use these mediums in every way that they can to help spread the word about their companies. A friendly fight is when you and another company battle it out through the use of social networking and other mediums by having the public vote on who has the better products. This won’t harm your business; however, it would help people to cast their vote judiciously.

4. Graffiti Marketing

You may think of graffiti as a nuisance, but the fact is that you can use green graffiti to get the word out about your company in your area. It’s actually considered an environmentally friendly form of marketing because you aren’t using up paper and the graffiti can be washed or cleaned off of the streets and sidewalks.

A popular way to use graffiti marketing is to get a bunch of moss and either design your logo or spell out your name where people will be able to see it. It’s an inexpensive marketing strategy and is a great way to get people’s attention.

5. Postering Still Works

Postering has been around for a while now, but it’s picked up steam again, thanks to a lot of clever posters that companies have come up with. Basically, postering is when you make a poster that seems to say or offer one thing, but it does it in a way that is both funny and makes people think.

A good way to implement this strategy is to have a question on your poster that just about everyone in your target audience will understand. Then, you wither need to make them laugh or want to take the time to get the “help” they need by calling the number or going to the web address that is printed on the poster.

These are five tips that just about any company can use, and if you need to give your marketing strategy a boost, definitely give them a shot.

Image via Flickr by Rosaura Ochoa

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