Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Looses Baggage To Show How Close Airport Really Is

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Baggage Cart in Antwerp

The location is Antwerp, Belgium, at 9:15 in the morning. We can see a luggage car filled to the brim. We can clearly make out that the car is from Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, making the scene completely bizarre. Through out the campaign we understand that the car is lost and wants to make its way back to the airport. It stops many different people and asks in both Dutch and English for directions to Schiphol airport. People give directions after they laugh at the bizarre request.

Lost in translation?

The promotional video by Fama Volat for the campaign strikes out as a problem right away with its presentation: it is available only in Dutch with Dutch subtitles, causing a lot of details and subtleties to be lost. This can be argued as both a good and a bad thing, because if you want to emphasize on the Dutch-speaking world that’s great, but if you want to show the agency and the campaign to the international audience it should have some English translation of some sort as well.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Baggage Cart in Antwerp

The campaign itself is a bit confusing: why would there be a Schiphol luggage cart in Antwerp? It is creative on one hand, but perhaps a bit too humorous, rising the risk of the advertisement losing its true meaning. We all love a hearty laugh, but it becomes a problem when it obscures the advertisement itself. A good thing is that it is understood that the campaign refers to an airport throughout the whole thing once you get past the joke, and Schiphol Airport was written all over the place as on any other luggage car to identify where it is from.

Destination Unknown

The problem with this advertisement is, does it really encourage people to fly? It’s seen mostly as a joke rather than anything else by the audience, so was the joke pushed way too far? Or perhaps this is a creative way to entice people to travel? That is truly for the participants to decide, and we didn’t see any results on whether people had enjoyed it enough to remember it and end up going to the airport because of that. It may also come across as sloppy, since ‘why is the car here when it should be doing its job in Schiphol?’

At the same time, all of this highlights the joke from all sides and will surely be remembered forever. ”I have found the Schiphol luggage car and it asked me, in Antwerp, how to get to the airport!” Such things aren’t forgotten, but what matters is that it should work above all.


Advertising Agency: Fama Volat, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Concept: Thomas Creemers, Levi Sars, Jeroen Manders
Production: Wenneker Belgium
Published: January 2016


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