How to Apply Guerrilla Marketing to Facebook

Guerrilla marketing is essentially an approach to advertising that uses cost effective, unconventional methods to raise the profile of a company. As we have mentioned before in our article What is Guerilla Marketing? the term was originally coined by Jay Conrad Levinson, and essentially relies on alternative marketing strategies. This means applying imaginative thinking to conventional methods of marketing.

For example, Facebook marketing is a well-known and effective form of marketing. As suggested in the 1&1 digital guide “no other network is able to fuse aspects like brand building, customer loyalty, and reputation management so effectively like Facebook”. Nowadays, Facebook is considered a traditional form of marketing, a company with a Facebook page is the norm. But, unconventional marketing methods can be applied to Facebook, combining social media with guerilla marketing strategies for instant success.

Know Your Competitors

Facebook advertising is fruitful ground for selecting competitor’s fans, to target your own advertisements. By finding out which Facebook users are expressing a positive or negative interest in a product similar to yours, you will access a potential audience for your own advertising. For example, if you are advertising luxury travel resorts, look for companies such as designer swimwear retailers, find out which Facebook users like their products and include their profiles in the target audience for your ads. Chances are they’ll like your company too. You can also use Facebook to target occupations. Ask yourself what kind of person will be interested in your product, and think about what their occupation will be. If you are offering luxury holidays, it is likely that only people in lucrative occupations such as finance, advertising or law will be interested. So you can target Facebook users with job titles such as ‘financial banker’, or ‘commercial lawyer’. As you can see, there are many different ways a marketer can apply creative thinking to target customers, it’s all about using available resources in unconventional ways.

Think Outside of the Box

The most important thing to remember when applying guerilla marketing strategies to Facebook, and other social media platforms is to think outside of the box. Don’t just write status updates that only have the purpose of selling a product. Spark a conversation with your users, show that there is a person behind the company. Share interesting and unusual photos, videos, and quotes that aren’t directly linked to your company but will interest your target audience. Have a look at what your competitors are doing on their Facebook pages, and do something different. Go against the grain and more users will sit up and take notice. After all, guerilla marketing is all about attracting attention for a company in unusual ways, so find something that makes you stand out from all the rest.


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