Azul Airlines Gives Children A Holiday Miracle

What we see in the video is an advertisement for Azul airlines in Brazil, a rather popular carrier, and their combined work with Coca-Cola, by the agency Geometry Global. The two companies chose a rather long flight from Salvador to Campinas and showed passengers a video of children from an orphanage talking about which gifts they wanted for Christmas this year. Since the funding for orphanages is minimal in Brazil and they don’t get that much support, Azul teamed up with Coca-Cola to raise awareness for this important issue and called the children into the airport, giving every passenger a gift the children were talking about when interviewed. Each passenger was given a box with the gift and they then got their chance to be the children’s Santa Claus this year and deliver the gift.

During Christmas, due our busy lives we very often forget how important it is to give back to the people and specifically children which don’t have as many Christmas miracles happen to them. Thankfully as life progresses they get taken care of by loving families and there are many things we can do – adoption have become a bit easier, laws become friendlier but still many children remain in orphanages as it is usually the younger children which get adopted. So when it comes to Christmas it is a very difficult time for many of these children and for many people as well, as very often we don’t have loved ones. It is always very important to help by volunteering and raising awareness whenever one can.

Marketing With A Cause

The advertisement doesn’t shy away from the fact that they are doing this, but as all advertisements go, it’s a good one for the company as it shows that, as they get big revenue like a big company would, they decided to use it wisely. Many companies donate, some openly, some closed, and Azul and Coca-Cola decided to use this to the advantage of the children in order for other people to see what can be done to help. This kind of action gives the company a good name and frankly makes it about the children and their Christmas now. The video was well presented and the idea was clear as well, as the passengers did not suspect and got to see a video of what each child had wanted, briefing on what child they were being Santa for.


The only downside to the advertisement was that it was a work with Coca-Cola, and it was unusual to see Coca-Cola shown roughly only twice throughout the campaign and as Azul airlines’ name and colour is blue, those were the dominant ones in the video raising attention to the them, but it really took away the fact that it was also a collaboration with the big beverage and marketing giant Coca-Cola.

However, then the upside of Coca-Cola being so big is that though it does not show up for long, its imagery flashes in our head and even while watching the video you ask yourself, why didn’t they show up more after all because we’re so used to it. By the end, it wasn’t a downside but a note that they could’ve included someone drinking Coke somewhere to make sure we remember them.


Advertising Agency: Geometry Global, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Creative Director: Ricardo Leme Lopes
Creatives: Vitor Araripe, Fábio Maia, Pedro Drable, Alexei Potemkin
Account Team: Leticia Arslanian, Mirna Abaurre, Marcia Durante Nunes
Planning: Ana Paula Santos
Art Buyer: Lydia Salgado
Media: Luis Fernando Monteleone, Ester Ribeiro
Film Production: Homem de Lata Filmes
Sound Production: Sonido
Published: December 2014

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