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The Carlsbad Toreador Street Art Example by Snyder

When walking through the streets in Carlsbad, CA, the last thing you’d expect to see is a bullfighter and accompanying bull. Street artist Snyder recently did a street art installation that featured a bullfighter and bull that came to life when it got windy. This was a really creative example of street art because of the unique fact it responded to specific weather conditions.

I waited for over 3 months for a storm that would blow winds strong enough to animate the toreador’s cloth. The piece is hand painted and cut out of wood. This installation remained in the streets for nearly 2 weeks before being taken down by the city. – Snyder

PROJECT STATEMENT: Some regard the bullfight as a tradition just as culturally important as other forms of art including painting, dance and music. I combine the deadly dance of the bullfight with the act of painting and the variable of weather in my latest public art installation implemented in the streets of Carlsbad, CA.


INSTALLATION NAME: Carlsbad Toreador

LOCATION: Carlsbad, CA

DATE: Nov. 2011


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Written by Ryan Lum

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