Coca-Cola Billboard Provides Free Wrapping Paper During Holiday Season

In their most recent Christmas campaign, Coca Cola has teamed up with Duval Guillaume Modem to create outdoor advertising with a twist. Instead of showcasing a flat poster, as is traditionally the medium for such billboard type advertisement, Coca Cola has run a simple guerrilla marketing campaign that has proven to be very effective. Seen in Belgium a few days before Christmas, Coca Cola set up outdoor billboards that dispensed Christmas wrapping paper, in a variety of Coca Cola friendly designs, for the shopping masses to take as much as they pleased.

The Open Happiness Slogan

The main vein of this campaign is Coca Cola’s “Open Happiness” slogan, which came about in 2009. Changing slogans is common among all businesses, and often leads to new and interesting campaign ideas. Certainly, Coca Cola’s slogans have run everything from “Delicious and Refreshing” in 1904 to “Red, White and You” in 1968 and many in between and after. For this particular campaign, “Open Happiness” is the perfect tagline, easily associated with Christmas and with the joy of opening presents, making wrapping paper a logical medium for their campaign.

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Why It’s Clever

Coca Cola have a very, very clever group of marketers, that much I can absolutely assure you. Their campaigns, including this one, always have aspects of smart advertising that really make them work. In the case of the “Open Happiness” campaign, it’s clever because:

It’s Well Timed

This campaign could easily have fallen flat if Coca Cola hadn’t timed it to coincide not just with Christmas and the holiday season (obviously a wrapping paper based campaign wouldn’t have gotten much traction otherwise) but also with the last panicked days of shopping preceding Christmas. In the last few days before the holiday, everyone is out shopping, whether they want to be or not, and people are in a kind of holiday high. The Coca Cola wrapping paper works well because it’s something people need to wrap all their presents, which makes it very smart.

It’s Something For Nothing

Always a smart move in advertising, give your consumers something for nothing. Obviously Coke has done this in the past (indeed most of their past campaigns have included some aspect of freebies and giveaways) but it is a more powerful idea to do so in the time of giving. What’s great about the “Open Happiness” campaign is it really is super simple, super cheap and super effective. The people get something, for free, and there really aren’t any major strings attached.

It’s Subtly Designed

“Open Happiness” definitely would not have worked without some subtle design choices on the graphic design side of this campaign. Really, it’s a massive bonus that Coca Cola’s red and white colors happen to already be so heavily associated with Christmas as well as with Coke so they really didn’t have to lead so much as hint at the brand behind the campaign. The posters that became wrapping paper had little Coca Cola aspects like the “Open Happiness” slogan (trademarked), the shadows of the bottle and the twist shape similar to what is on their cans, but with Christmas shapes inside. Very clever indeed.

Coca-Cola Wrapping Paper Billboard 1 Coca-Cola Wrapping Paper Billboard 2 Coca-Cola Wrapping Paper Billboard 3


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