Coca-Cola Inserts Slurping Movie-Goers Into Films To Get Them To Keep Quiet

It is always better to show it than to say it.

I’m not talking about love, even though the statement is obviously applicable. I’m talking about advertising. For decades, brands and advertising agencies and media outlets made a killing out of creating ads that live on visuals rather than copies. There’s that little boy who suddenly shaved his head because he wanted to give it to his sister who was going through chemo. There is that rebel in track suit who smashed all PCs to reveal the new Apple. There is that little boy dressed in a Darth Vader costume who thought he finally got “the force” courtesy of a Volkswagen.

Visuals bring home the point but there is something better and that is to make your audience experience the  message. This has been the heart of guerrilla marketing, the ability to make the market the subject of the message.

Respecting Art

It is pretty difficult for many to look at films as art because it has long established itself as a commercial venture. It is but natural for it to attract people who don’t “really know how to respect art”. That is why many don’t observe proper etiquette when watching a movie. They “forget” to put their phones on silent, they talk and talk loud, they eat loudly and drink loudly, and they do other things that spoil it for others who actually want to watch and absorb as much as they can from the movie.

Many cinemas have launched their own campaign to remind these people that such practices are disrespectful. Some of it are good and effective but this is the first one that truly puts the audience in the situation AND THEN lets them watch it.

Set Up

People were invited to watch a special screening. As they wait, one portion of the wall had a green screen. A camera was secretly filming the green screen. People who stood in front of it where edited into a movie love scene. Their faces, in the act of drinking, eating or making phone calls were edited into the scene.

You can just imagine how hilarious it was.

What Matters…

The important thing is that it delivered the message effectively because the audience became a part of the message.

Now if we could just figure out how to do this in every movie house….

coca cola slurping movie ad2 coca cola slurping movie ad3

Written by Xath Cruz

Xath Cruz worked for the traditional advertising industry for more than 10 years handling international blue chip clients. She started doing digital advertising and marketing and web property development 4 years ago. She is also a screenplay writer with several full length movies under her belt.

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