Coca-cola Gives the Ultimate Airport Gift to Travelers

United Arab Emirates is the key country of expats destination. 2010 report disclose the most important fact that only about 16.5% of the 8.2 million are Emiratis while remaining adopted the nation as their home. The majority of expats are Indians, Pakistanis, and Philippians. Coca-Cola noticed a bitter truth about Expats- they miss their family strongly and always find a reason to go back home.

Whenever holidays break is approaching, expats start planning their visit back home. They start buying gifts for their families and loved once. At International Dubai airport, expats are extremely excited to go home, but one can easily see the stress on their faces due to extra baggage. With the purpose of open happiness, this time Coca-Cola started latest campaign #WishUponaCoke to solve extra baggage issue.

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Coca-Cola kicked off its emotional ‘Wish upon a Coke’ campaign on 22 December 2014 at Dubai Airport, Terminal 1. The concept was crafted in October 2014.  This campaign greatly explores the truths about people who lived far away from their home.

Coca-Cola comes to the rescue

With the help of ‘Wish upon a Coke’ campaign, Coca-Cola tried to touch the heart of people. Coca-cola surprised the Dubai International Airport passengers with a unique gift for their upcoming holidays. The campaign helped passengers who were struggling with excessive baggage. Coca-Cola offered them an extra 5 kg baggage tag. It’s natural that most of the people were carrying gifts for their families and loved ones.

Sometimes, we forgot our limitations (either it is financial or baggage or something else) while making shopping for our loved ones. One can easily see this fact among the people who are going to home for spending some time. As, the passengers at Dubai airport were with the extra baggage. The tensions of an oversize baggage were seeing in plenty of people because they did not have the money to pay for excess baggage ticket.

Passengers shared their emotions with the Coca-Cola during Wish upon a Coke campaign. One is excited to see his brother who is coming from Europe as; he did not see him from last seven years. One is happy to going India. One is going to surprise their family, as her family has no idea about her visiting home. One purchased so many things for their new home. One did not pack his clothes because he was already having lots of stuff. All have so many gifts for their family and loved ones. Because no one likes to go with empty hands.

Expats were upset because their gifts are going to be a waste. People were wishing to carry all those gifts with themselves. Coca-Cola ensured the people that no wishes were left behind. With the help of Wish Upon a Coke campaign, Coca-Cola easily approached these passengers. One team member of #WishUponaCoke campaign said to passengers that “Coca-Cola has a gift for you”. She gave a special coke bottle to those passengers. When people put off the label, they got surprised. There is an allowance of extra baggage. Now they can carry extra 5 kg of happiness for their loved ones.

At this time, Coke open happiness for the expats at Dubai airport. People were happy, and one of them complemented that- You are like a guardian angel. While other one said that my kids will be happy as they are going to get their favorite toys. One felt that no wishes left behinds as happiness is Coca-Cola and wish come true.


Advertising Agency: Y&R Labstore Dubai / Y&R Dubai, UAE
Executive Creative Directors: Ash Chagla, Joseph Bihag, Kalpesh Patankar
Art Director: Nada Hassan
Copywriter: Athina Lalljee
Business Director: Zaakesh Mulla
Account Director: Nora Ferneine
Agency Producer: Sam Eid
Account manager: Dima Malaeb
Production Company: Concept View Media
Director: Frederico Beja
Producer: Dalia Abuzeid

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