Coca-Cola Wish Booth #WishUponACoke

Millions of us spend holidays every year in Dubai. It boasts a host of stylish & luxury apartments that has celebrity flocking. But behind this glitz and glamor there is also a dark site of Dubai. Businesses eager employees especially from South Asia come to Dubai. They worked hard for earning money so that they can send their earning to the home. It is the murky truth that many of them are living on the breadline.

Coca-Cola looked at the real fact that there is 5 is to 1 ratio between Emirati locals (citizens of the United Arab Emirates), and immigrants lived for work in the UAE. After noting that the majority of the workers are earning money to send back home, they made the decision to launch a campaign to help.

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Coca-Cola has launched heart-touching campaign #WishUponACoke to bring the family together. Coca-Cola launched Wish Upon a Coke Campaign first at Dubai International Airport where Coca-Cola offers the gift of excess baggage.

Coca-Cola, the same brand this time, open happiness for Middle East, continues to bring families together. As ‘Wish Upon a Coke’ campaign, has launched for ex-pats who wish to do more for their families but need only a little help.

Wish upon a Coke campaign installed several bright red “Wish Booths” across Dubai in cricket fields, labor camps, shopping malls, and parks. Inside the booths, people were asked to make a wish for their families and loved ones. Wish booth accepts only Coke bottle caps instead of coins. There is also wish code that is written in three languages- English, Hindi, and Urdu. As, lots of workers belong from India, Philippines, and Pakistan.

Plenty of people went for a wish with some hope. Someone wished a great future for their children while other one wished to have an own business of their parents. Every now and then, some lucky wishes do come true! Coca-Cola selected wishes on the random basis.

Four wishes were picked at random. And #WishUponACoke team traveled to villages and towns to fulfill wishes and deliver happiness.

In India, #WishUponaCoke team rebuilds Ashraf Alam’s parents’ roof. Extreme weather conditions damaged their home. As a result, his guardian has to struggle hard in cold and rainy. Also, the team went Patna from Muzaffarpur and knocked the door of Mohamed Rizwan. Now his children can complete their education and will fulfill all their dreams.

In Kasur, Pakistan, the team arranged water for Mohamed Rashid’s elderly parents to irrigate better their farmland.

Lastly, the team traveled to the Dagupan, Philippines, Where Wish upon a Coke team helped Rhodora’s elderly mother for opening a grocery store. Now, she has no need to go door to door and carry heavy loads.

Lucky wishers of Wish Upon a Coke campaign will not forget these moments as they never imagined that their dreams were come true in Dubai. They shared- Coke is making my dream true.

This heartwarming #Wish Upon a Coke campaign will restore your belief in humanity. Because happiness is Coca-Cola.

The Low Down:

As part of Coca-Cola’s Wish Upon a Coke campaign, special Wish Booths activated by Coca-Cola bottle caps were installed around Dubai inviting UAE residents to make a wish for their families back home. Some wishes in India, Pakistan and the Philippines went on to become a reality.


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