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Creative Examples of Guerrilla Marketing

With today’s oversaturation of advertisements and marketing, you need something really creative to catch people’s attention. Guerilla marketing seeks to be subversive, new and interesting, taking advertisements away from traditional expectations into something really interesting. These examples of creative guerilla marketing show how thinking outside the box can capture the attention of even the most jaded consumer.

Guinness Logo

Guinness Under Your Feet

Guinness, with their iconic branding that to some reads with Dublin, used template graffiti to further tie their motif with the cobbled streets of their birthplace.

Guinness Ad Campagin

Guinness also had these great pool cues reminding players what they should drink to quench their thirst.

Guinness Pool Cue Ad

Korova, Liverpool

Made famous by local hipsters as the place to be seen, Scouse indie club Korova used generic graffiti stencils planted within broader pieces to market their unique take on urban culture.

Korova Stencil Icons


The Maybes Graffiti Tagging

2005 was the time for The Maybes? to hit the rock ‘n’ roll scene. This occasion was prophesied by their ramshackle ‘tagging’ of everywhere and anywhere in an all-out assault on the metropolitan aesthetic.

The Maybes Graffiti Tagging


Who Watches The Watchmen?

It’s not known if Warner Brothers was behind this or not, but the question was plastered around the world in the run up to the film’s release. If it wasn’t them, they were certainly lucky.

Watchmen Graffiti

Are you feeling inspired? Next time you’re looking to market a product, whether it’s nunchucks or dump trucks, consider giving some guerrilla marketing a try.

Written by Shane Jones

Shane is a creative marketer who currently works at WebpageFX.  He developed a passion for Guerilla Marketing a long time ago, when he discovered CGM, and since then has not stopped following the best efforts of the biggest brands.  You can follow his own creative efforts on his bucket list blog, as well as talk with him on twitter, @ShaneJones15.  Find Shane Jones on Google+


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