Going Guerrilla: Get Inspired by the Latest Street Art Trends

Using somewhat unconventional methods in the marketing world is always a bit of a risk, but nevertheless tends to be part and parcel of any creative task. Risk taking in this sense is all about discovering innovative methods of capturing and retaining the interest of your target audience, and guerrilla marketing is the perfect way to do just that.

If you are thinking of trying guerrilla tactics in your campaign, remember that first timers should always start by sticking to the basics. Before trying anything too avant-garde, make sure your online marketing plan is solid, as these days online presence often forms the foundation of brand image and identity. Make sure your website is up to scratch, complete with eye-catching design and good quality content. The process can be really straight forward by combining tools and services such as 1&1’s webspace packages to host your site and the choice free templates and themes from WordPress to organize your content, and choose the perfect layout. To supplement this of course, a strong and active presence on the appropriate social media channels is paramount; Twitter and Facebook are often the most effective.

Once you the basics are in place, however, you may find using the same marketing tactics grows stale after a while. Here’s where guerrilla marketing techniques come into their own, opening creative opportunities to freshen up your approach. Street art, for example, has been a key source of inspiration for many quirky, cool, and visually striking guerrilla marketing strategies that integrate advertising images into an urban setting. So, if you are looking for inspiration for your next marketing campaign, look to the streets for all the latest trends.

Striking Murals

High impact murals by talented street artists are taking over capital cities worldwide. From London to New York, Paris, and Berlin, giant and visually stunning murals are popping up everywhere, and you simply can’t look away. From photographic images spread across the whole of one side of a building, to whole streets decorated with amazing symbols and graphics, street artists are not afraid to be bold when stamping their mark on the city streets and skylines.

Storytelling and Wordplay

Another current trend among street art is storytelling and wordplay. An image of a mattress on the street with the words “Nothing really mattress”, a play on words of the Queen lyric “nothing really matters”, has gone viral. Another popular trend is to spread poetry and creative phrases on walls and streets, proving that words can deliver just as much impact as images, provided the execution is clever enough. In Madrid, the multidisciplinary artistic company Boamistura , showed their love and appreciation for Spain’s best known poets by writing parts of famous poems on the ground for people to stumble across while crossing the street. Brand storytelling is a big part of marketing, and so why not take a leaf out of their book and turn the streets into your canvas, and tell the story of your brand in novel way?

There are many more ways of taking inspiration from street art for your marketing campaign, the key is to do your research and always be on the lookout. Find street artists that you like and keep a keen eye on their work, since a key part of good marketing is recognizing current and potential trends, and finding ways of molding and adapting them creatively to present your brand and products.


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