Grocery Store in Romania Allows You to Channel the Force and Shop like a Jedi

The end of 2015 found us surrounded by the Star Wars hysteria, with many marketing campaigns trying hard to feel relevant, although not everyone managed to grab our attention in an authentic way. Carrefour in Romanian certainly did!

“Shop with the Force” was a campaign that was created by Publicis for Carrefour in Romania, teaming up with Star Wars on the opening weekend of Episode VII, in order to give the best gift to all the Star Wars fans. What if you could actually obtain the Force and use it while shopping? Kinect technology made our dreams come true, allowing everyone to try out a brand new experience, changing the idea of shopping at the supermarket. People of all ages gathered around to test their “force” and shop with their newly acquired powers, turning the campaign’s idea into a success in just a few minutes.

Shop like a Jedi for Carrefour

“May the shopping be with you”

Kinect technology is all about motion sensing input devices and it enables users to control and interact with their computer in a very natural way, leading into many impressive cases of gaming during the past years. In this case, an iPad and Kinect SDK were enough to create the illusion that we’ve finally found the force, with all the passers by wanting to try this out. All they had to do was to move the items they wished into the virtual basket, dragging each one of them on their own, with the magical help of the force coming straight from their own hands. Think of it, you play around with the concept while also doing your shopping, since the products that you moved to the basket were waiting for you in the cash register. Of course, there was also the Star Wars merchandise available on the super market, which means that both parties were benefiting from the success of the idea, proving that a campaign has even more chances to be successful when delivered timely and also in an authentic way.

Shop like a Jedi for Carrefour

Thus, what we can learn from this campaign is that it’s not just about embracing the Star Wars craze with no context, as this may end out to be boring for the consumer, it’s all about finding the sweet spot between creativity and uniqueness that will manage to win the customers who will be more than willing to spend time (and possibly money) following a brand’s campaign.

Ambient advertising can be very successful, providing that you know your audience in a way that you create a memorable experience that is both enjoyable and successful. It’s all about thinking outside the box, right?


Advertising Agency: Publicis, Romania
Client: Carrefour Romania

Written by Tereza Litsa

Social media and content manager, blogging about social media and marketing.


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