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We’ve all been there. Looking for a job is easy, but getting said job is extremely difficult. Sending countless resumes, numerous emails and cold calling employers rarely work. It’s time to use a different and more creative approach.

Bold: Get Noticed, Get Hired by Joshua Siva, Melanie Feldman and Liz Madsen is a captivating read for job hunters everywhere as showcases numerous success stories of job hunters using very different tactics to reach employers.

The format of the book is much like a series of case studies. Each chapter focuses on an individual’s unique approach to getting noticed in the competitive job market. Every campaign is then broken down and analyzed to find out why the approach was successful and provides valuable lessons that can be learned from each approach.

It’s generally a very quick and easy read that left me thinking of the numerous creative possibilities when trying to look for a new job.

The book provides step-by-step instructions on how to replicate certain approaches if you’re looking for more of a formulaic approach; however, the true value is in the sheer variety of ideas.

After reading the book, you’re presented with a challenge to do something unique to try to get your resume in front of a human being and encourages you to share your story with them.

Bold: Get Noticed, Get Hired provides over 20 different examples of unconventional job seeking strategies that will leave you excited to try your own approach. It’s jam-packed with unique and creative tips and strategies that will make any guerrilla marketer or job seeker craving more.

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Book Description

Have you ever asked yourself what it takes to land your dream job? Or why someone else got hired over you? Bold: Get Noticed, Get Hired solves this riddle and gives you the tools and inspiration to be the person who gets hired. The financial crash of 2008 has forever changed the job market. With staggering unemployment and widespread underemployment, there are millions of people around the world looking for a job. Despite the competition, the approach has not changed. Most applicants stick to what they know and submit their resume via corporate websites and blind emails. If this is you, STOP! There are better ways as an applicant to get noticed. This book is based on creative strategies from real people who went from the middle of the résumé pile to the top. We break down exactly what they did and how they did it so that you can build your own strategy off their success. Use this book to remove yourself from the application pool. Now is your time to be bold.

Amazon Reviews

“…a must-read for anyone coming out of college and trying to land their first job, or already in the workforce and trying to change jobs.” – Carla T.

“…the job outlook for some of my interests scared me in the past, but after finishing this book my opinion has changed” – Cassie

“The book does an excellent job of blending inspiring real-life success stories with step-by-step instructions that encourage the reader to take action.” – Gary D.

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