Hyundai Eco parking, the First Parking Meter That Allows Payment by Recycling

Plastic pollution is reaching alarming levels with over 9.5 million tons of plastic being dumped into our oceans each year. Reports also show that 87% of the waste accumulated on beaches is due to plastic.

Hyundai, an automotive brand, is working to make their vehicles more environmentally friendly. They partnered with Havas PR in Madrid, Spain, to take it one step further by creating, Eco Parking.

Eco Parking by Hyundai is a device that is installed in beach parking lots that allow people to pay for parking by recycling plastics. Motorists can deposit plastic bottles into the machine to receive parking time.

The Eco Parking was installed at the tourist destination of Sanxenxo in Galicia, Spain. The campaign helped spread awareness of being eco-friendly and respecting our beaches and oceans.

In just a few days, the eco parking machine was able to recycle the number of plastics generated on the beach by 25 people annually. The campaign helps us question our responsibility to our oceans and brings awareness to this growing issue while strengthening the Hyundai brand.

Two months later after this campaign ran in August 2018, the Congress of Deputies approved a motion for similar systems like eco parking to be implemented throughout Spain.



Advertising Agency: Havas PR, Madrid, Spain
Chief Creative Officer: Jesús Lada
Creative Director: Fernando Zurita
Copywriter: David Díaz Carretero
Art Director: Elisa Sánchez
Account Manager: Rosa Galera
Account Executive: Ana Moraleja
Head of Production: Raquel Pérez Navas
Producer: Alba Somoza
Editor: Jorge Montero
Production Company: Tact Studio
Social Media: Santiago Guzzo


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