[Infographic] Harnessing the Power of On-hold Marketing

Nearly all businesses these days have some form of on-hold marketing. Generally though, it is not very well thought out and is used purely to fill the waiting time between when a customer calls and when the customer finally gets through to speak to you. Your business may be missing a big opportunity to utilize this important window of opportunity to more effectively to promote products & services that may interest the caller.

Every time a customer phones your business, you have an opportunity to maximise this precious time with a well structured on-hold marketing message. The influence of on-hold marketing is well documented and the figures speak for themselves, yet businesses do not seem to fully realize the mistakes they are making. It is astonishing that 94% of all marketing budgets are used to induce the customer to call, and only 6% to handle the call once it is received. It is clear that something doesn’t quite add up here.

The amazing thing about effective on-hold marketing is that it can help businesses in any industry to promote their products & services in a simple and cost efficient manner. It is naive to consider it an unimportant part of your marketing mix.

This Info-graphic from The CUBE explains exactly what your business needs to do to make the most out of on-hold marketing and details the steps you must take if you wish to maximise its potential. It outlines the hard facts and figures about the influence of on-hold marketing, provides tips identifying exactly what you should do when planning your on-hold marketing message, as well as guiding you about the importance of music selection to supplement your on-hold marketing message.  What mistakes is your business making?



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