Interactive Bus Stop Shelter Claw Game Spreads Awareness of Skin Cancer in Coolest Way

Pretty Shady JCDecaux Cancer Institute NSW Marketing Campaign

In the video above we see that there is a new sunscreen dispenser in town. As seen in the images, we can guess that by the small amount of clothes people are wearing and by how bright this day is that the weather is very hot. We can also see the dispenser being built and filled up quickly by JCDecaux staff. We see people approaching the sunscreen dispenser in the advertisement spot on the bus stop. A lot of people get curious and stop, whether they are waiting for a bus or not, and a lot of people win either a badge or a sunscreen bottle.

Pretty Shady JCDecaux Cancer Institute NSW Marketing Campaign
The Sunny Side

The upside of this advertisement is that we can see that the sunscreen dispenser is at a convenient location, next to the beach and on the side walk, where everyone is walking by. Also, deciding to execute the campaign at a bus stop is a great idea because people will want to kill time there and that’s when they usually pay attention to the ads since they are bored and start observing their surroundings.

The Shade

A downside is that if we are standing there in person, we don’t really know who is behind this campaign. We see that the agency JCDecaux is executing it, but we don’t know anything beyond that. For Cancer Institute NSW, it is a missed opportunity since people could take interest in their research and also donate towards them since they would have seen them in action, but at the same time the main message of the campaign is to protect us from skin cancer, and this is shown by the full focus on it.

In a sunny country like Australia, this is a great message and motive behind the whole campaign, but it still wouldn’t hurt if the group behind the initiative put their face out there instead of staying mostly anonymous. Is that a good move? Maybe, maybe not.


Overall, the campaign is excellent it actually shows clearly how we should be fighting skin cancer with sunscreen one person at a time. The small badges which were given out were handy as well, as someone wearing it can prompt someone else to look into the campaign and try to understand what all the commotion is about. The campaign was very clear and communicative in its statement and it showed people the solution quite to the problem. In terms of engagement, it was also successful as people were clearly seen applying sunscreen and enjoying their free protection.


Advertising Agency: JCDecaux, Australia


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