La Place Restaurants Create Pizza in Livestreaming!

It’s not always easy to win the competition and make your shop stand out from the rest, despite the prices and the quality. That’s when you need to step up and find a creative idea to grab the audience’s attention.

La Place Restaurants wanted to promote their fresh and low-priced meals, which led them to a collaboration with JCDecaux for an interactive campaign in the heart of Netherlands. As it’s sometimes difficult to reach a new audience, they decided to place an interactive billboard in a busy area, creating a livestream with the restaurant’s kitchen, with the chef waiting for the audience’s orders.

La Place Restaurants Create Pizza in Livestreaming!

In fact, he was communicating with them through live streaming, asking them for their dream pizza and its ingredients, creating it in real time for them. The passers-by were impressed by the idea and were even happier to discover that their dream pizza was waiting for them in La Place restaurant. The idea was more than successful, as it managed to reach a new audience that got immediately engaged to the campaign, with the restaurant promoting and proving in action the fresh and tasty ingredients, which brought a big smile on the face of the lucky ones that were part of the experience. Hence, both the restaurant and the audience turned out to be excited about the campaign and that’s what usually makes a campaign successful.

La Place Restaurants Create Pizza in Livestreaming!

The concept is part of the trend of ambient advertising, which is all about thinking outside the box. In a time when the audience expects more from brands, it is important for each brand to be authentic, inspiring and most of all, creative. Creativity can be found in many unexpected ways, with ambient advertising promoting the idea of unexpected marketing for any brand that is willing to embrace it. And it has been proven that the audience is more willing to listen to a promotional message in such an occasion, especially when it also includes some kind of reward for their attention.

That’s how La Place and JCDecaux turned the concept into reality, by incorporating technology into marketing, creating a reciprocal communication between the chef of the restaurant and the hungry audience, helping them build a relationship with the brand, which makes them more receptive to such future messages.

Isn’t this the actual reason brands seek for creative campaigns?


Advertising Agency: JCDecaux, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Published: September 2015

Written by Tereza Litsa

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