LAN, TAM and Coca-Cola Partner up and Send Messages to Loved Ones Around the World

Very often great ads and great ideas suffer from poor presentation. Unfortunately, the ad below with LAN, TAM and Coca-Cola fell under those terms. All parties involved are all very big and important brands, particularly in South America where LAN and TAM are rooted.

Breaking down the video in parts is essential for this analysis. Advertisements regularly follow the route of mystery where they have to get you hooked up to understand what is actually going on in the ad and who is advertising it. Here, since the ad fell on three brands, the identification ended up being rather messy as they were sporadically shown during the ad to the point where it became confusing. The cameo-like nature of the branding seemed more like characters drinking Starbucks in a movie than a dedicated ad.

The biggest problem of this campaign is confusion. The video itself is very messy and fails to explain what is actually going on to the viewer – they do not state that these people go to a different destination, and while watching the advertisement the first impression is that it is about a nice unique gift to deliver a small message in a classic Coca-Cola red box. The box does add a unique touch to our life of technology – to actually have something physical, and in this case a video message in our hands.

As the recipients of the gift watched it, the ad went on to randomly pop in the people who were giving the little messages. The gesture from the companies is great and amazing, but it then gives out a question: why was this kept so secretly that even the viewer had no idea? What is the purpose of the boxes? Why is this campaign so confusing?

The story as it happened

After some research you can find out that all of the messages recorded at São Paulo and Santiago airports were actually all sent by ‘Santa’, but only three people were chosen to actually get a flight and meet the loved ones they sent a message to. In the video, this was unclear. On the other hand, it does make you Google the campaign to try to understand it better, allowing viewers to think longer on what was the actual point of it, or where did the people come from.

TAM, LAN and Coca-Cola’s ad by Bullet Promoções is a messy ad, but the fact that you see a very touching and humane Christmas gift has a strong message and makes you look into it. However, that is likely to be far from the effect Bullet Promoções, Coca-Cola, TAM and LAN wanted to have on the viewer. After all, how many viewers will actually research later on?

Good advertisement shouldn’t include confusion and even frustration with lack of explanation. In the end, the ad did serve its purpose and people were chosen and reunited, but the presentation of the ad was a big mess.


Advertising Agency: Bullet Promoções, São Paulo, Brazil
Chief Creative Officer: Mentor Muniz Neto
Creative VP: Cesar Leite
Creative Director: Rodrigo Paranhos
Art Directors: Rodrigo Paranhos, Eduardo Reis, Diogo Delog
Copywriter: Alessandro Palermo
Planners: Aldo Pini, Matheus Flandoli, Francini Cardinali
Account Supervisors: Fernando Melo, Manoela Galvão, Bianca Matos, Thais Paes
Producers: Neila Ceródio, Renata Montoro, Maria Teresa, Hélio Pareta
Film Producer: Hungry Man
Director: Ricardo Mehedff
Photographers: Fernando Young, Gustavo Ferri, Danilo Mantovani
Sound: Jamute
Published: December 2014

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