Le Festival de Magie de Québec Creates The Most Magical Billboard You’ll Ever See

Hogwarts might have competition as the Festival of Magic in Québec is rocking it in terms of advertising their company. To bring awareness to this amazing festival for magic, they created a very unique billboard stunt. They created what appeared to be a standard billboard; however, it was powered by a unique mechanical device that controlled a broom. They then staged a worker to act like he is putting up the billboard pasting. What comes next is short of amazing if you’re not expecting it.

Le Festival de Magie de Québec has created several very interesting advertisements that all are nothing short of magical. This one is particularly funny because this stunt showcases what a person might see at the festival. It truly nails and connects the message with the user.

festival-magie-quebec-balai-magique festival-magie-quebec-balai-magique4 festival-magie-quebec-balai-magique5 festival-magie-quebec-balai-magique3

[ via Piwee ]

Written by Ryan Lum

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