Lg Promotes High Definition Display by Pranking Wannabe Stargazers

When was the last time that you observed the sky? Living in a big city makes it harder to actually enjoy the stars in the sky, with skyscrapers and light pollution preventing us from such an impressive view. What if you could spend a few seconds looking at them through a telescope?

That’s how LG started its latest advertising in Chile, placing a telescope in the middle of the road, encouraging passers by to observe the beauty of the stars. It’s rare nowadays to do so, which means that people of all ages were happy to have a look and be impressed by the universe. After all, the campaign starts with LG inviting you “to watch the real colours of the sky.” It was interesting to see how people reacted to the impressive view, as most of them haven’t observed the sky this way in the past. Just when they were discussing the view from the telescope, an arcade game appeared in the “sky” followed by an “alien”.

LG promotes new display with a clever stunt

That’s when they realised that they didn’t actually observe the sky up to that moment, since the telescope was aiming at an LG OLED TV that was placed at the top of a building nearby. What they actually watched was the screen of the LG OLED TV, which meant that the beauty of the sky was just a proof of the impressive resolution of the screen. Remember, LG didn’t say that you will actually stare at the stars, but they were rather inviting you to watch the real colours of the sky, which means that they are confident enough that their new screen is more realistic than ever. People were amazed by the colours and the resemblance to the actually sky, with all the details fooling them to believe that they were actually observing the sky.

LG promotes new display with a clever stunt

LG along with the advertising agency Oqo Publicidad came up with the idea of this marketing stunt in order to grab the audience’s attention about the LG OLED TV and the innovative technology of the product that is so realistic that it even reminds you of the majestic universe. And as it seems it was a successful attempt, as it offered a unique experience to the audience, grabbing their attention, persuading them to “try out” their product in the most creative way.

LG promotes new display with a clever stunt

It’s not always easy to convince the consumers to test your product and this is another proof that experiential marketing tends to be more successful, as it’s all about offering a pleasant experience, combining fun with advertising.

What did you think of the idea?


Advertising Agency: Oqo Publicidad, Santiago, Chile
Creative Director: Felipe Plaza
Art Director: Ignacio Gamboa
Copywriters: Ignacio Escobar, Patricio Peña
Illustrator: Jorge Donoso
Production: Globo Films
Published: December 2015

Written by Tereza Litsa

Social media and content manager, blogging about social media and marketing.


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