Creativity can be found in recycled ideas

Tourism British Columbia spreading awareness

Time for a little Jeopardy.

For $1000…This Canadian province is located below Alaska.

Need a hint? Think of bad teeth and a New York University.

If you said British Columbia, you’ve hit the Double Jeopardy!

Tourism British Columbia spreading awareness

Alright, there’s no Double Jeopardy but you will learn something.

All things start with Awareness

I’m sure most of you know about British Columbia as all marketers and business owners are well educated.

Surprisingly it’s not well known to the average world citizen. I’ve lived here my whole life and am shocked to learn how little people know about my province when I travel aboard.

I mean, Vancouver – the provinces largest city – hosted the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. You’d think this would help spread awareness.

Tourism British Columbia isn’t taking the exposure from the Olympics for granted.

How could they create awareness and inspire people to learn more about what this beautiful province has to offer? How can you learn from other Guerrilla Marketing campaigns?

The answer can be found in a recycled idea and scrap booking.

Read on to learn how Tourism British Columbia reinvented an already famous Guerrilla marketing campaign from the world’s largest brand and what to do when you see a campaign you like.

The Happiness Machine

You surely have seen this. Ryan has talked about the happiness machine on more than a few occasions.


Coke has done an amazing job at connecting with regular users in an emotional way through this idea.

Tourism BC has obviously been watching this.

They wanted to create some awareness around a new campaign titled 100 BC Moments. In doing so they recycled Coke’s idea.


For people in San Francisco walking by Justin Herman Plaza on May 17th, they were met with this massive vending machine.

Instead of dispensing hugs, Tourism BC loaded the machine with golf clubs, mountain bikes, sleeping bags and other accessories relating to things that one can do in BC.

Those who received something no doubt felt the meaningful marketing and emotional connection behind the campaign. This would drive them to learn more by visiting the special website Tourism BC created.

Even those who didn’t receive anything would spread the word. And that’s where videos like this win.

Going Viral

As we all know Guerrilla Marketing campaigns have a  larger impact due to their viral nature. The video was uploaded on the evening of May 17th and already has over 13 000 views.

During the three days that the machine was setup, they might only impact a few thousand people. Those people will surely spread the word but the impact isn’t as big.

That’s what I love about the internet and digital format. It doesn’t go anywhere!

So what can we learn from this campaign that Tourism BC essentially jacked from Coke?

Scrap booking

Last weekend I read a copywriting book by Dan Kennedy. The first chapter is meant to boost your confidence.

Dan lists a few reasons why anyone can learn how to write copy. In fact it’s easier if it’s your own business. You know your customers and product better than anyone else.

But for those who lack the almighty skill of creativity, what can you do?

He says no ideas are truly unique and creative and we can all be great copy writers. I agree with him.

Dan goes on to tell you to simply keep a scrap book of all the great copy that you come across. In 2012 you can do this online with bookmarks. I’ve found Pinterest a great way to do this for advertisements that I like. I bookmark anything that can help me out later on.

From there you must study those pieces thoroughly. What makes them great? Do you notice any resemblances between each piece?

All this can apply to Guerrilla Marketing. Sites like this very one make it great to scrapbook your favorite ideas.

What do you when you come across cool Guerrilla Marking ideas?

Do you keep a scrapbook or bookmark them for later studying?

Written by Jordan Caron

Jordan is insanely passionate about marketing, meeting new people, business, technology, the internet, golf and electronic music. These things consume 95% of his life and the first five are the reasons for starting his new website Meaningful Marketing.

His goal is to help small businesses with customer retention and acquisition by building loyal communities online through meaningful marketing practices. He strongly believes that businesses who adopt this mentality will crush their competition.

If you want to crush your competition, connect with him on Twitter or Google+.


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