LOT Polish Airlines Puts the World under Mistletoe

This past Christmas LOT POLISH AIRLINES partnered with DDB Warsaw to put the whole World under mistletoe. The custom of kissing under mistletoe is quite well known throughout the world; however, it’s quite new in Poland. LOT Polish Airlines wanted to share the love and bring people together.

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They outfitted a couple of their planes with mistletoe and created a new website called to track where these planes are. The idea is that if one of these planes with mistletoe is overhead, you can express your love with a kiss to someone you care about. Let’s just hope you’re standing right next to that person at the time!


KISSaLOT Airlines Mistletoe 1 KISSaLOT Airlines Mistletoe 2 KISSaLOT Airlines Mistletoe 3

Written by Ryan Lum

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