McDonald’s Ice Coupon Machine Is Refreshingly Delicious

On March 24th, 2015, McDonald’s launched their epic I’m Lovin’ It 24 campaign that got the whole world talking about McDonald’s. All around the world, unique experiential marketing campaigns took over and got people talking about McDonald’s. In Rio de Janeiro, beachgoers got a unique surprise in the form of a slot machine.

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The slot machine contained a single button that when pressed, gave the person a chance to win a delicious treat. The person would have to perform a special task such as taking a selfie or performing a little dance. The winner then received a redeemable coupon in the form of a coupon made of ice. The person would then have to rush to the nearest McDonald’s store before the ice melted in order to redeem their coupon for a free frozen treat.

Written by Ryan Lum

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