Mcdonald’s Turns People into Emojis!

How would you imagine a world where emojis transformed into real people and real emotions? McDonald’s in France tried to depict such a world by adding emoji-headed human beings on what could be described as a typical day for a McDonald’s lover.

“Come As You Are” is a campaign that was created by the agency BETC Paris and was directed by We Are From L.A, a duo that has worked with the specific agency again in the past with Air France and Evian, while they have also directed the popular music video “Happy” of Pharell Williams. In fact, the positive vibe of the music video is also present on this campaign, showing a sunny day full of happy people living their own routines, following the protagonist that is heading to McDonald’s.

McDonald's turns people into emojis!

A fun and lighter version of real life depicts happy people that walk, drive, work, from a construction worker to a small child, all of them representing several different emotions through emoji characters, with the main plot happening in McDonald’s, revealing even more emoji characters.

The campaign tries to be simple, while creating an imaginary world that is fun, pleasant and positive. McDonald’s is all about the happy and positive vibe and this video makes it clear from the very first second that it’s all about those feelings. It’s the experience of visiting McDonald’s that is stressed here, even in an exaggerating way, hoping to leave the audience with the right feelings, linking them with the brand once again.

McDonald's turns people into emojis!

Emojis are more popular than ever, turning into one of the most common forms of communication during the 21st century and it was only a matter of time to appear in advertising, from the most predictable to the most unexpected ways. In fact, McDonald’s already embraced the emoji trend in the past with a billboard, while we also admired the creativity of the placards that were only created with emojis. It’s not easy to use such a popular trend in advertising, as there is always the danger of being ‘accused’ of following the trend with no actual goal. This makes it even more difficult to use them in context, trying to make them as relevant as possible to each brand that is advertised in the campaign.

McDonald’s along with BETC Paris managed to create a unique, colourful and fun world that fought for the simplicity that manages to send the right messages to the audience and this could prove the success of the campaign, which also received a significant media coverage, due to the clever use of the emojis in the campaign. After all, not many users could accuse McDonald’s for the lack of imagination in advertising, especially when checking again their latest ambitious campaigns (from the heat sensitive billboard to the largest selfie sticks. Do you remember the #imlovinit campaign spreading all over the world?


Brand: McDonald’s
Agency: BETC Paris
ECD: Rémi Babinet
Creative director: Damien Bellon
Art director: Juri Zaech
Assistant AD: Albert Yvert
Copywriters: Samuel Moore, David Aronson
Directors: We Are From LA
Production company: Iconoclast

Written by Tereza Litsa

Social media and content manager, blogging about social media and marketing.


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