Milka Allows Individuals To Leave Tender Messages

Milka Tender Messages In Ukraine

Milka shares love messages in the streets of Ukraine

In our world we are very busy, and very often it gets easy to forget how to do the most simple yet important things like showing our love to the people whom we deeply care about. This doesn’t require much energy of course, but we end up being so occupied with our jobs, our health, our social problems and whatever else that we forget about it.

Love spreads quickly

That is why in the advertisement above we see a solution to this problem, presented by the agency Saatchi&Saatchi from Ukraine. In the video we can see the narrator telling the audience how the Swiss chocolate maker Milka decided to counter this problem en masse. The brand allotted part of their advertising space to be taken by people, who were allowed to use it to place a message to their loved ones after the announcement of the upcoming project. Many people who saw the ad decided to do this in 25 cities in Ukraine, where the ads were placed on billboards, the internet as well as TV channels which aired the commercial. It was a great success!

Milka Tender Messages In Ukraine

Minor details lost in translation

One of the things which sticks out the wrong way from the video is the fact that the narrator could have spoken in a much clearer tone instead of pronouncing the words as fast as she did, which at times made it hard to follow the idea. Also, since this was a video aimed at an international audience, having a person speaking quickly and with an accent makes it harder for some people to follow unless they are familiar with this particular accent.

When it comes to other language mistakes, the messages from the people placed in the Milka ad space could have been translated more often and better as well. Instead, the video only places translations of the love messages within the ad and many of them were not even translated properly – despite the ad being in Ukrainian, any person viewing the video who is familiar with the Cyrillic alphabet will notice some rather bizarre discrepancies. For example, in most of the messages the names are improperly translated. Messages for a woman named Yana for example were translated with the name Katya instead. Despite these details being insignificant on a large scale, sharing the agency’s video all over the world means they will be met with many people who speak Ukrainian, or who are at least able to read what is written, and most of the people who see the translations that are off might tag the agency as very unprofessional.

A strong message wins

When you get past these little things, you see that actually this campaign was a great idea, and one which promoted people to do more acts of love. The relation between love and chocolate is nearly cliché in a world where people nearly always give loved ones chocolate, so it was a good theme for the campaign. The link is very easy to establish, and the ad raises the idea to buy your loved ones some chocolate.

In general such nice acts in advertisement always tend to remind people of the product as they give the company a more humane face rather than faceless image. Ads like these are more likeable as they also hold a reminder to people to be more tender with one another.

Such advertisement campaigns are very popular and loved not just by people but by companies as well, because by the end of the day we need to sell the product, and whatever sells goes.


Advertising Agency: Saatchi&Saatchi, Ukraine
Associative Creative Director: Kosta Schneider
Creative Director: Kirill Chistyakov
Copywriter: Sergey Beloshickiy


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