Milka Chocolate Bars Now Missing Square In New Campaign

Milka is shortchanging customers in their latest campaign in which Milka chocolate packages are now missing a square of chocolate.

With the help of Buzzman, the team created this new campaign that puts the generosity of Europe to the test.  They took a square out of over 13 million Milka Chocolate bars and are giving people the chance to claim their square or send it to someone else.

When you open the packaging, you’ll notice the missing chocolate square in which there is only a code. The code can be entered online to either claim the missing chocolate or it also gives you the ability to send it to someone else along with a personal message. The campaign promotes Milka’s brand message, “Dare to be tender.”

So it begs the question, would you buy a chocolate bar with the last square missing? Let us know in the comments below!

Campaign Website: (no longer online)





Client: Mondelez International — Milka
– Directrice Marketing Tablettes de chocolat : Anne-Lise Favet-Richard
– Senior Brand Manager Milka : Marie Delpit
– Brand Manager Innovation Milka : Sophie Squillaci, Violaine D’Aillières

– Creative Director : Georges Mohammed-Chérif
– General Manager : Thomas Granger
– Agency Managers : Julien Levilain, Antoine Ferrari, Loïc Coelho
– Copywriter : Miguel Durao
– Art Direction : Clément Séchet, Daniel Evans
– Strategic Planning : Renaud Berthe
– TV Producer : Vanessa Barbel, Elodie Poupeau, Yoann Morin
– Director : Zoé Fisher
– Film Production : GOOD PH
– Digital Producers : Laurent Marcus, François Cavallin

Written by Ryan Lum

Ryan Lum is the founder and editor of Creative Guerrilla Marketing. He is passionate about creative marketing, social media and design. Connect with him on LinkedIn,Twitter or Google+


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  1. When I browsed through the chocolate in the supermarket I saw there was a piece missing, I quickly placed it back and took a bar that didn’t have anything missing, so what if it expires in December 2015 instead of January 2016 it will be digested by then, shortchanging there costumers SHAME ON THEM!

  2. Imagine all the people who will never claim that square…now imagine all the cost-effectiveness as a result of that…Milka thinks its’s clever. Milka is wrong. Put the square back in the bar please.

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