Minimalist Billboard Bench for Effective Marketing

Billboard Bench

Why is it that the back of the bench is always used for marketing promotions? The reason is simple. It it always faces the street and its a large amount of real estate to put an advertisement! What is exciting about the following concept is that it eliminates unneeded materials yet it achieves the same effect. Let us know what you think by commenting below!

‘Billboard bench’ by Serbian designer Relja Perunović gives new purpose to the ubiquity of urban advertising. A panel displaying ads and service announcements can be rotated downward in its frame to instantly transform the small billboard into public seating.

While the backs of benches have long been used for advertising, ‘billboard bench’ inverts the standard structure by placing the ad on what becomes the underside of the seating. more than simply a new place to post material, the bench requires direct user interaction, offering an interesting marketing approach for advertisers.

When not in use, the bench automatically returns to its upright, ‘billboard’ position, but it can be easily lowered at any time to transform into a seat.

In addition to its space-saving properties and modular design, the indoor/outdoor ‘billboard bench’ offers one particular advantage over normal seating: positioned vertically when not in use, the seat will generally remain dry even on rainy or snowy days.

Although Perunović’s models are rendered in metal and wood, the design can easily be adapted to a range of materials and dimensions.

Billboard Bench

Billboard Bench

Billboard Bench

Billboard Bench

[ Via: designboom ]

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