Mog the Cat Stars in Viral Sainsbury’s Christmas Ad

Mog the Cat Stars in Viral Christmas Ad for Sainsbury’s

It’s that time of the year again when brands try to create the perfect Christmas ad and as it seems, they never run out of creativity.

Sainsbury’s along with AMV BBDO have revived the famous children’s character of Mog the Cat, the protagonist of 16 books that were written and illustrated by Judith Kerr. The narration of Emma Thompson introduces us to another story of Mog, the clumsy cat that almost ruined Christmas for the Thomas family, after a series of unfortunate events. A burning turkey along with Mog’s clumsiness led to a burnt house, which left the family devastated, almost convinced that they wouldn’t celebrate Christmas this year. However, the neighbours appeared at that time to help them, with the power of the community serving perfectly as the the actual message of the ad, ‘Christmas is for sharing.’

#ChristmasIsForSharing was also the hashtag that Sainsbury’s used to promote the campaign through social media and it instantly turned viral, while the Youtube video reached 5.5 million views in just 2 days!

James Rouse through Outsider was the director of the TV ad, with Framestore animating Mog and Judith Kerr also appearing in the ad. After all, her books raised many generations of children for more than 30 years, with Sainsbury’s and AMV BBDO extending the power of the family tradition to the Christmas spirit, leading to brand new story with Mog the cat.

What’s more, Sainsbury’s partnered with HarperCollins Children’s Books and Judith Kerr, selling the new story of Mog the Cat for a good reason, since the sales will be donated to Save the Children, in an attempt to improve child literacy in the UK. “Mog’s Christmas calamity” will be sold for £3 in every Sainsbury’s store, while there will also be a Mog soft toy on sale (£10), hoping to use the reach of the campaign to promote a good cause.

The message of the campaign served as a reminder to its audience that Christmas is indeed for sharing, with families and friends coming together and it was this cute, funny and heartwarming mix that led to the success of the ad, appealing to a wide range of customers that already consider this the ‘Christmas ad of the year.’

What do you think? Is this a successful case of a great Christmas ad?


Client: Sainsbury’s
Advertising Agency: AMV BBDO
Author: Judith Kerr
Director: James Rouse, Outsider
Media: PHD
Narration: Emma Thompson
Animation: Framestore

Written by Tereza Litsa

Social media and content manager, blogging about social media and marketing.


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