Molson Gets Strangers To Sing “O Canada” For A Free Beer

The first thing that we feel we absolutely have to say about this campaign, is that it is yet another in a line of awesome Molson Canadian campaigns that have hit the web in the last year or so. These guys have got their marketing strategy sleek and perfect, to the point that they’re spreading a brand that screams local engagement all over the world.

In their latest campaign they’re back on home ground, just in time for Canada Day, and getting Canadian men and women in a patriotic mood with a little help from the O Canada Beer Fridge.

Tech-based Campaign

One of the reasons straight away that we love this campaign is the smart use of technology to achieve their marketing and experience goals. The use of sound recognition to measure and record the correctness of participants singing Canada’s national anthem isn’t just smart from a brand perspective, it also gives that feeling of magical automation that is so powerful for participants involved. Although the basis of the O Canada Beer Fridge is simple, i.e. Sing O Canada to open the fridge, the tech involved is far from it. They released a behind the scenes video to show how it was done.

Bringing the Brand Home

The Beer Fridge campaign that Molson Canadian has run over the last few months has seen them travel all over the world from France to Indonesia, and it makes sense for them to capitalise on their marketing journey by celebrating the return to Canada. To do this in a way that is so patriotic, especially as the campaign coincides with Canada Day, and at the same time rewarding to those who might be considered ‘true Canadians’ is a clever road to walk.

Symbolically, the Molson Canadian brand coming home is all about their dedication to a local customer base. By rewarding those who know the Canadian anthem with Molson, they’re essentially putting out a message that says: We love Canada, you love Canada. Let’s celebrate that. This is also smart as the suggestion is that if you’re Canadian, and you’re wanting to drink beer, Molson Canadian is the brand that real Canadians drink.

Beer Advertisement In Action

The interesting thing about beer advertisement is that, as we’ve mentioned here previously, there are a number of guidelines that limit just how you can market it. Usually, marketers of all shapes and styles go with the route of enjoyment, celebration and fun. Molson Canadian has definitely done that here, but they’ve really showcased themselves with the unique quirkiness of the campaign in a way that makes them stand out from the pack.

The focus of the O Canada Beer Fridge campaign is definitely on the experience and the fun, more so even than the brand. As you likely noticed, that branding on the fridge is very subtle, and there are no garish brand images beyond the actual product contained within the fridge. This is an interesting choice by Molson Canadian as it indicates their confidence in their brand logo (which is displayed on the fridge, but looks very much like the Canadian maple leaf on the flag), but also that their purpose is not to spread except via participation and reward.

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