Neutrogena Creates “Sea Radio Station” That Can Only Be Heard Under Water

Neutrogena has decided to promote its suncream product in a creative and fun way, by launching a sea radio station!

Neutrogena has decided to think differently in order to appeal to the beachgoers of San Juan in Puerto Rico and that’s why they were looking for something that would fit perfectly in the summer spirit. The decided to team up with the advertising agency DDB Latina, launching a Sea Radio Station that could only be heard underwater!

Neutrogena Wet Skin is about being protected from the sun, whether your inside, or outside the water. Thus, except for the group of promoters that gave free product samples on the beach, they decided to take the promotion of the brand a step further, by encouraging beachgoers to enjoy their underwater experience even more, this time by also enjoying their favourite music!

Sea Radio Station was created in partnership with “La X” radio station, offering real underwater sound capture with the help of GoPro, turning into a station that could only be heard underwater. It was functioning with Oceanears speaker, the one that is also used by marine biologists when communicating with dolphins, proving that there is always a way to keep partying, even when being underwater.

The station included content-mixed music, along with brand message and education, in order to ensure that the fun is combined with their actual branded message, informing the consumers about the Neutrogena product and the ways they could still enjoy the sun safely.

Neutrogena: Neutrogena Sea Radio Station

According to the ad, they wanted to “show that Neutrogena stays put and protects people in and out of the water”, since Neutrogena is happy to offer “superior protections for every moment”, proving that the fun under the sun should never stop.

Neutrogena Suncare was effectively promoted in one of the most popular beaches of Puerto Rico, demonstrating the actual results of their product during exposure to the sun and the water, rounding up the experience both with free samples, but most importantly, by inviting people to join their own exclusive underwater party!

Neutrogena and DDB Latina relied on ambient advertising, connecting the brand with the consumers in the least expected way, while still taking into consideration the context of the promotion. It was not just about promoting the brand, but more about creating a memorable experience, one that would happily surprise the beachgoers, willingly accepting to try the product and have fun with the exclusive party.

Ambient marketing is about catching the consumers’ attention, improving the retention rate for the advertising message and creating a unique experience that leads to way better results than a traditional advertising campaign. It’s not easy nowadays to offer a memorable message, that’s why creativity and place-based marketing tend to lead in more effective results.

After all, unique and eye-catching marketing always works better with consumers, which is what the brands (and the agencies) really want for their product!


Advertising Agency: DDB Latina, Puerto Rico

Written by Tereza Litsa

Social media and content manager, blogging about social media and marketing.

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