North Face Store Floor Disappears, Forcing Shocked Shoppers to Scale the Wall

North Face, an outdoor clothing company, is arguable one of the most well known brands when it comes to outdoor apparel. This North Face shop in South Korea decided to play a little game with their shoppers. North Face partnered with South Korean creative agency Innored to created a unique pop-up store that gave shoppers quite the surprise.

Customers would walk in expecting nothing out of the ordinary; however, after a period of time the floor would start to recede into the wall, forcing the customer to climb the wall or fall into the pit. Once the customer has climbed the wall, an article of clothing would drop down from the ceiling, just out of their reach. What they did next was nothing short of fun and exciting!

North Face South Korea Store Climb Challenge1 North Face South Korea Store Climb Challenge2 North Face South Korea Store Climb Challenge3 North Face South Korea Store Climb Challenge4 North Face South Korea Store Climb Challenge5

Written by Ryan Lum

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