Norwegian Airlines Gives Olso The Real New York Experience

Norwegian Airlines Next Stop New York Marketing Campaign

In the advertisement above we see Norwegian Airlines trying to turn Oslo into New York. The problem is made clear right away: they need to get people to fly to New York from Norway’s capital, Oslo, and they solve it in great fashion. The ad is filled with different New York things which make The Big Apple so unique and Oslo’s residents are greeted with these sights. The campaign starts off with redecorating Oslo’s central train station into a New York train station so that people can see how a train station looks like in New York. From then on the audience meets all kinds of characters starting with Italian Mafia bosses to Mark Twain quotes and naked cowboys, who you can take a photo with (at a price, of course).

Norwegian Airlines Next Stop New York Marketing Campaign

Wall Street, Oslo

The campaign seems to be very costly, and that is evidenced by even the local train company being brought into it as the train speakers announce that the next station is Times Square. Another aspects that shows this is the massive choir involving so many singers.

Given the investment, the question which arises first is: was the money (and the risk) worth it? Usually such expensive ads either flop or pay off, but this one was a great way to show that Norwegian is flying to New York and is doing so with an unmissable deal. For the residents of Oslo this will be a cheap flight to New York after all, instead of spending the fortune transatlantic tickets usually cost.

Norwegian’s Choice

The dilemma here is: if a product is new, unique and requires widespread awareness since it can entice a multitude of customers in different demographic groups, how else can you advertise it as successfully as Norwegian did? In other words, was there any other way to reach all types of Oslo residents without as much of an investment? The amount of work put into it often feels a little overwhelming, and it is possible that for part of the audience there is such a thing as ‘too much New York’ in Oslo.

High Hopes

By itself, without thinking of secondary factors like the budget, the campaign is very good as it is huge, you can see that it was really thought through and that the marketing team really did turn Oslo’s central station into New York with everything you could possibly think of. The advertisement is effective because it’s also interactive and unmissable, making sure that everyone who goes through the busy station can see, hear and feel New York through every motion and every step of their way. For those who like the experience, Norwegian’s website is one click away.


Advertising Agency: M&C Saatchi, Stockholm, Sweden
Film production: Motion Blur
Director: Kavar Singh
Casting & Props: PS Live
Media: Vizeum


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