Pepsi Max Creates an Amazing Drone Friend Finder!

It is a common problem for concertgoers to get lost in the crowd, spending time looking for their friends, instead of enjoying their favourite singers while performing on stage. What if you saved time and actually focused on stage?

Pepsi Max is targeting the festival fans, introducing the Friend Finder, a GPS-enabled drone that does what it promises, it helps you find your friends. The concept is rather simple and all it asks you is to download the Friend Finder app when looking for your friends. Then, the small blimp that is connected to the app does the work for you, searching in the crowd and pointing to the exact spot that your friends are. According to the video, 1/3 of all people lose their friends at festivals, which makes it a rather large audience that Pepsi addresses.

Pepsi Max creates an amazing drone Friend Finder!

The idea of the concept is credited to the agency AMV BBDO and was tested at the New Look Wireless Festival in London, as a way to link the ‘maximum festival’ with the ‘maximum taste’. Furthermore, ‘no meeting point’ was followed by ‘no sugar’, blending the brand message with the actual campaign in the most unexpected (and fun) way. Pepsi Max along with AMV BBDO managed to successfully address a demanding (and rather young) audience by creating a message that they’d like to hear, grabbing their attention in the most creative way.

This is another proof of how ambient advertising works these days, with brands embracing its power, reaching an audience that they probably wouldn’t in any traditional method. It’s not easy nowadays to stand out from the crowd and that’s what makes ambient advertising challenging and appealing. All you need is the right context, which will be unusual by default, but also creatively linked with the brand.

If you liked the idea of Friend Finder and feel excited that you’ll never get lost in a festival again, it should be noted that the film was a publicity stunt, with Pepsi clarifying that it was more about the concept, not its actual implementation. It was part of the bigger Pepsi Max campaign that took over social media along with the hashtag #genius and judging by the idea of the drone, we are not surprised how they came up with this hashtag!

Pepsi Max creates an amazing drone Friend Finder!

Interesting concept, isn’t it?


Advertising Agency: AMV BBDO, UK
Creatives: Nicholas Hulley, Nadja Lassgott
1st AD: James Sharpe
2nd AD: Clara Paris
Production Company: RSA
Director: M.O.D.
Producer: Ben Porter
Production Manager: Rob Mercer
Production Assistant: Boris Franchi
Runners: Amin El-Bekry, Ned Frankay, Joe Thorpe, Zenon Clements
Lighting Cameraman: Carlos Catalan
1ST Assistant Camera: Jeremy Fusci
Art Director: Caroline Story
Art Dept. Assistants: James Brooker, Greg Hewitt
Asylum: Supervisor: David Plewis
Asylum Tech: Sam Hue-Vashon
Asylum Puppeteer: Steve Clarke
Post FX Supervisor: Angus Wilson
Costume Stylist: Ester Rouah
Costume Assistant: Rowenna Harrison
Makeup Artist: Eve Coles
Casting Director: Rudy Russell

Written by Tereza Litsa

Social media and content manager, blogging about social media and marketing.


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